Five Issues for Victory(Part I:Economics)

Cut taxes by 25%. Sound irrational? Perhaps, but did you know that David Patterson(D-NY) the governor of New York plans to tax people whenever they get a haircut or buy a soda? Well now, that 25% tax cut don’t sound so crazy now huh?

It’s simple folks, cut taxes like tall grass baby, cut baby cut that’s what I say. Cut taxes like a piece of paper in art class(by the way I could never cut in a straight line) I would cut the sales tax completely, as in get rid of it. I would sign an executive order to dismantle to IRS, and I would enact a three month gas tax holiday, despite low gas prices, because they are on the rise this year, although slowly. You see the best way to stimulate an economy is to let folk keep the money they earned.

But at the same time I’ve never been a fan of over consumption. That is, when we spend and consume like shopaholics we undermine our manufacturing sector which for 100 years was the foremost manufacturing sector in the world. Now China makes everything and we buy it like we’re zombies. We even buy the poisoned crap they ship over here. We have to get back to making things in this country. How is it that a country that invented the airplane can’t even make a darn good car? Are we that far gone in this country? I would hope not because we’re Americans. We brought electricity and the telephone to the rest of the world, why can’t we make something as simple as a toy? I know, I know we don’t have the cheap labor camps they have in China where masses of female and child workers assemble round the clock for fifty cents and a hot meal. All the more reason to decrease our intake from China and look elsewhere for another market. Say, India, after all India is one of our strongest allies and they’re going to have the largest population in the world in about 10 years. So why wouldn’t we try to take advantage of that market? I know China holds our debt but they need us more than we need them. Think about it, China is a developing nation whose lifeblood is making things. If we all the sudden stopped buying their products the Chinese economy would sink, that’s what is happening right now. Everyone hailed China as the great rising superpower and “China was this, China was that”, then what happened? We stopped consuming and China went bust during the global recession. I think the Chinese biggest fear is that we will wake up and realize they’re trying to use us to make money. If we wake up and start making our own products, and opening markets in India and elsewhere, China will be very nervous. Right now Communist China is our largest market and I suggest we rethink that partnership. Not only is our largest trading partner a communist country that drowns children and puts people in jail, but they’re manipulating currency and forcing other nations to give up their ports. Just ask the Greeks about China’s warm embrace of global partnerships. The Chinese don’t give a rats rear about anyone but the Chinese. So why should we continue to fund communism?

We need to reopen and resurrect the American manufacturing spirit. It’s time we start making products the world will remember. They remember the airplane, the telephone, the television, the computer, that was America. Consumption and lack of work ethic isn’t America my friends. We need to start building things again or we will surely lose that part of the American identity.

So here is the Clark Kent 5-15 Economic Plan:

1. Cut the Corporate Tax from 39% to 15%

We have the highest corporate tax in the world. It prevents American businesses from competing on a level playing field around the world. We need to cut it to about 15%.

2. Abolish the IRS and Enact a yearly gas tax holiday

3. Give tax breaks to oil companies and alternative energy companies both small and large in scale

4. Eliminate the mandate on Ethanol

The mandate for ethanol production has caused food prices to increase over the years. We need to get rid of the mandate and encourage the production of sugar based ethanol instead of corn based ethanol.

5. Across the board Income Tax Cut

We need to cut income taxes by a significant margin for those who pay taxes only. Those who do not pay taxes shouldn’t get a tax break.

6. Abolish the Death and Flat Tax

7. Yearly Sales Tax Holiday/Or Eliminate the Sales Tax Altogether

I don’t hear people complaining in New Hampshire about no general sales tax. So it can work for the rest of the country.

8. Alternative Energy Jobs

Solar plants, wind farms, and other existing alternative energy plants are sprouting up all over the country. We need to give tax breaks to these small businesses so they can develop into large companies that sell products world wide. Instead of the government pouring in all this money they don’t have right now for a plan that is 15 years into the future, why not give tax breaks that will work immediately? President Obama are you listening!?

9. Get Rid of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

These institutions played a huge role in this recession because the government(via the CRA) forced them to give loans to people who couldn’t afford the loan or the home they were trying to buy with the loan. NINJA loans were array and Freddie and Fanny were at the epicenter of the housing crash. The people in charge of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae knowingly gave out loans and then dishonestly testified that both institutions were stable. Now we’re looking at a sales drop of 5% in 2009, and falling home value.

10. No More Progressive Tax Policy


Stop this war on wealth and promote self improvement and self employment through seminars and more skilled trade training and community college opportunities. Don’t condescendingly sell short the worth and ability of someone who isn’t making millions but certainly could one day.