The War on the Rich and Where You Stand

There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from President Obama and his czars. The White House is putting the rich on notice: “You’re days of “greed” and high rolling are over” But as they seek to tax those making 250,000 a year, one must ask: “Is 250,000 rich or upper middle class?” You know, because there’s a difference between rich and upper middle class. Puff Daddy, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, George Soros, those guys are rich. An everyday loan officer or let’s say some dentist making in this middle thousands well, that don’t exactly make them a Rockefeller now does it?

Many of you or at least some of you on this website make at least 250,000 or close to it. And I bet you any amount of that 250,000 that you can’t afford a penthouse in Manhattan or a summer home in Malibu. You know who can? Rich people who obviously make ten times more than 250,000 a year. Let’s call this what it is, this is socialism at its most blatant and utterly unfair form. The left loves to talk about fairness, but is it fair to tax a family making 250,000?

This is why I left the Democratic party. They just take these random issues and they distort and destroy. You know, saying 250,000 makes you a rich person is just not true. You cannot live the good life on 250,000 a year, it’s not possible. You can’t roll around in a drop top Caddy or some Bentley in the Hamptons on a 250 grand yearly income. If there’s someone out there in the cosmos you can, please show us how because I have yet to find a way and I don’t even make 250,000 a year; I make roughly over 250 a week as a demolitionist for my uncle’s construction company, and that was before I was put on unpaid leave(a story for another time). The almighty wants us to prosper, he said so in the gospels. He wants us to live prosperous healthy lives where we also give back and help others who are less fortunate than us. But god never said take from those who have earned to give to those who have not. Jesus said “Give to Caesar’s what is Caesar’s” but I doubt Jesus would support the Robin Hood theory of Barack Obama.

Look, I speak for everyone here when I say that no one wants to see their fellow American down on their luck. We don’t want to see children go hungry or homeless, or living in difficult circumstances because we are a caring nation, despite what Michelle Obama thinks. We want to lift our neighbor out of poverty and we all pray that less fortunate people rise and experience things that are positive. But you cannot force people to relinquish their hard earned money and give to those who don’t have much. It’s not the government’s job to enforce social and economic justice. Our constitution and the realm of government was not created on the basis of activism. We have churches, community centers, and charities for that kind of personal connection between those of you who are blessed with a bit more than the next man. It is our duty, as a free people to ensure that we lend a helping hand on our own terms, not the government’s.

I get sick and tired of this classless class warfare gimmick that Democrats used to gain power. People need to open their eyes and realize that the left is using them for their own gain. They want African Americans and Hispanics to remain in poverty because that means votes. They want poor whites from the rural Midwest and northeast to remain in those conditions because that means more dependency on the government and the Democrat party. That’s why we as Republicans must adopt the compassion platform. I don’t mean compassion via government, I mean compassion through community outreach, emphasis on teaching the people how to rise above their current circumstance. I know people in this party care because I can see it. When Hannity talks about how he could barely pay his rent early on in his life, I know he has a sense of what people are going through.

Nancy Pelosi has never known the plight of a single mother in Tennessee, who has to waitress in order to buy diapers for her child. These coast elite Democrats know not the plight of blue collar folk who scrimp and scrape funds together so they have groceries for the week. While James in Ohio files for unemployment and seeks guidance from the almighty as to how he shall make it through a tough year with no job, Barack Obama is busy eating one hundred dollar steaks imported from Japan and dancing to Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire in the White House. If Democrats hate the rich and sympathize with the “poor” man so much, then why was the inauguration and the inaugural balls so expensive. By the way, those same poor folk and middle class folk had to fork over millions for Obama’s inauguration. I don’t begrudge anyone who is successful because the majority of folk deserve that wealth because they worked darn hard for it. So I fully reject the idea of declaring war on a class based on their financial status. That is the most un-American thing you can do. Our founding fathers, including Abe Lincoln who the media loves to compare to Obama to, rejected the very notion that we condemn a man for his success. That’s how backwards and idiotic the new leftists in the Democratic party are. They love to tout Lincoln and Jefferson but those two men would side with the GOP, not the Democrats.

Look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobbs, and many successful people who aren’t greedy, or trying to game the system. Those guys didn’t gain wealth on the backs of poor folks and we shouldn’t lump them in a group where maybe, less than half are greedy businessmen who want to rob us blind. Let’s get smart about how we go about the dialogue to help the less fortunate. I’m a Republican second and an activist first and foremost. I will always fight for the voiceless and ensure their freedom to prosper not be compromised by a all to often deceitful government that wishes to control their lives.