A Time for Principles and A Time To Recapture Our Destiny

There are those in our country who can’t wait to sign America’s death certificate. They’ve long held contempt for America and her people, and when they see her on wounded knee, they move in to strike her down for good. But little do they know the spirit which burns in the dead of night, ever true, ever stronger. Little do they know her people, who know not the swan song nor the do they ever wave the white flag of surrender. I believe this is the greatest nation god granted man, and we must treat her as such. She’s more than a flag, an apple pie cooling in the window as the summer breeze blows, she’s much more than a baseball and glove. She’s an idea created by men who believed in freedom. Our founding fathers believed that all men deserve that precious bounty endowed by the almighty god, and that no Empire shall deny them such birth right. There are those in the media who take joy in our over exaggerated quarrels, those too shall pass. Don’t lend an ear to this argument that the Republican party must lay down their values and abandon their principles in order to appeal to outsiders, for I am living proof of the opposite. I came here seeking honest, principled people and I found an honest, principled army. An army that is ready to march and advance on those who are trying to transform this nation into a replica of Western Europe. We will not let them take this country. It’s time to get serious and revamp our platform. We can still be the party of fiscal restraint, free markets, and national security. But we must also be the party of reason, and show the country that we do indeed care. We’ll make the argument that a free people is a prosperous people, because the government shackles are no longer gripping their feet, but laying on the ground in rusted pieces. Free people take full advantage of their innovative mind and accomplish their goals. We will make the argument that government is the problem, it’s the fire that burns the land to no end. Government is not the sky, it is the ceiling, and the roof which blocks out the sun and the moon. We have to preach individual rights and self reliance or we will witness the fall of liberty in our time.

I refuse to bare in mind those who preach the erosion of America. The people who sit back in high places and condescendingly ridicule and talk down to her people, during hard times. I believe hard times will only make us stronger and more aware as to what we need in order to ensure a stable future for our children and grandchildren. No no America isn’t in decline, she’s just warming up. It’s our leaders who are in decline my friend. Their morality, and integrity has been in decline for the past decade and we must hold their feet to the fire. Demand they be accountable or they too will be ousted and new leaders will take their place. I rail against government but make no mistake I have supported many aspects in which government stepped in. But I also realize that government cannot be the parent, the teacher, nor the disciplinarian. For that’s why we have parents, and mentors, and father figures. Government can’t keep us my friends, we are responsible for our own destinies. What for government to save us if it will only try to make reason for its inevitable control of our lives?

When they talk about urgent reform for health care, they mean universal health care. Let me give you some insight, in Canada and the UK they have universal health care and it’s a disaster. Canadian doctors and citizens cross the southern border into America because they know our health system is far and away the most advanced and reliable on the face of the earth. You cannot grant government the doctor’s jacket nor can you grant government the role of insurer, it will fail, mark my words. With energy they want to tax us to death thinking that will somehow create an environment where fossil fuels will be used less often. How naive and utterly irresponsible this tactic is, and yes this is merely a political tactic in favor of the environmental left and GE. Instead of taxing citizens who are already having a hard time paying for gas because of the economy, why not give tax breaks to oil companies for exploration. We need to harness the power of the wind, and the sun as our introductory steps into energy independence. Forcing people to abide by these incoherent and irrational standards will only cause us to stumble backward into the late 70’s when gas lines were the norm. Let’s use our innovative spirit to create a 21st century manufacturing sector that will once again put America’s creativity and intelligence on display for the rest of the world.

Finally I want to say that we must continue to make our case for invidiualism. In this century, in this nation, a government that seeks to control us will not and cannot stand. Nor will the people who operate the machine. To our left wing critics who want to divide us, marginalize us, and destory us with your daggers of dishonesty, I tell you that I bring the ax of integrity and real change to the battlefield. So bring it on, we’re ready; because our ideas and our principles are truly the path of the warrior.