If They Won't Then We Should, and We Will

Now it’s time for me to come down hard on the Republicans. Simply put: “Cut the Crap!” Where are you Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, where? These so called leaders have been marginalized by the leftists in the media and in the Congress like neutered dogs, that’s right, dogs without cannons! Come on Paul Ryan, you’ve got to be about what? 6’0-6’4? Stand up and be a man, speak out against the single most homicidal act against wealth and freedom in our history. Eric Cantor, you were once viewed as the potential leader of this party; what the heck happened? The left sliced and diced Bobby Jindal in a matter of hours after his response to Obama’s address to Congress fell dead flat on deaf ears. Sarah Palin, where are you? Don’t sit by and let this Marxist president steam roll the nation with his spending and socialist agenda.

Now you have the actors like Schmo Scarborough on television kissing left wing rear, mocking Michael Steele, and bashing the Republicans in the House and Senate. As if that two tone RINO with no heart has the answers. What does it say about guys like him, who are so pathetic and want so badly to be liked and forgiven by these soft headed zombies for being conservative, they’re willing to join in on this mockery of the GOP. Hey Morning Schmuck, they make fun of you behind your back as well, you doofus. I mean hearing him, and the other so called “Conservatives” like oh god I can’t stand this little jerk, Michael Smerconish. He’s the guy who endorsed Obama on MSNBC because he said he liked how Obama vowed to bring Osama Bin Ladin to justice. But I don’t believe that bald elf when he says that, I don’t think that was the reason he endorsed Obama. I mean, John McCain said he would follow him to the gates of hell. That certainly sounds more hawkish and serious than simply saying you would bring someone to justice. Especially when your brand of justice means letting terrorist barbarians out of prison and sticking them in American cities or sending them back to their home land, you jerk! Justice is blind in the eyes of Obama because he has no core, and neither do the RINO lackeys who would rather kiss leftist butt than stand for something like I don’t know, principles!

I mean I’m a liberal and I get angry about this. That should tell you something, but sadly the media puts on people like that Michael Schmoconish and David Brooks. David Brooks, yes, the one who is trying to create a “Moderate Movement” Moderate movement and uh, how did that work out for John Mcain? How did that work out for Bill Richardson, and Rudy Guliani, who ran the most dumb founded campaign in human history. “Why uh, let me high tail it to Florida three months before the Florida primary” way to go Rudy. We don’t need indecisive leaders who care more about how they’re received than how their principles are received. We need a grass roots, everyday, run of the mill, down to earth, freedom loving, principled, working class aware, reasonable leader to emerge in this party who actually read the constitution and understands it. No where in the constitution does it call for a compromise of the constitution. But that’s what the GOP is willing to do because A: They’re scared porn actor stiff of Obama, and B: They don’t want to be the one who opposed an African American president.

Well how about this, I’m an African American and I oppose the African American president! Wake up you soft headed Senators and Congressman or we will oust you. We already have a hit list of our own. The names are listed as follows: Arlin Spector for voting yes on the slimeulus bill, Susan Collins, who by the way have you seen her? My gosh she shakes and quivers like she’s some invalid. And to Olympia Snow, who also voted for the bill, all three of them are on notice of defeat come 2010. Also we have John Kyl for refusing to take out his portion of pork in the bill, Orin Hatch for supporting the legislation that would grant Washington DC a vote in the House, a move that is strictly unconstitutional I might add. Let’s see here, its a small list now, but it is quickly becoming a larger list as the days go by my friends. Um we have, Judd Greg, because he never should have accepted the Commerce job in the first place, I don’t care if he withdrew in the end. Ray Lahood, you’re through.

Listen, stop praising this guy, bring the hammer down or he will destroy you all, systematically. He knows you’re afraid of him and he knows you won’t touch him because he knows you think the country is in his pocket. But I have news for you GOP leaders who are afraid to speak out: We aren’t with him, in fact support is waning every time he talks. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s ironic how everyone thought Joe Biden’s mouth would get him in trouble, but it’s Obama who destroys the economy with every read from his teleprompter. The irony is comedic, I kind you not. Somewhere someone in the media has a headache because they’re trying to figure out why this so called genius, you know Michael Beschloss said he had the highest IQ of any president in history, and yet he couldn’t even tell Don Imus what Obama’s IQ was! God, their brains, you forgot the brains! These people are fools, and yet the GOP is afraid of them. Why? Someone tell me why we don’t have a leader outside of radio who is willing to spar with this red headed leftist step children?

I can’t take this anymore, I feel like I’m in an episode of the Outer Limits. Why are things not what they appear to be? What is this illusion? What in god’s good grace have we gotten ourselves into?