The Path of the Warrior: A Liberal Manifesto

“That government is best, which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves”-Thomas Jefferson

You know, I’m not aware of the different movements going on in America. I mean, I know of them but I’m not involved exclusively with any of them. Again, I consider myself to be a liberal. Now, I’m fully aware that the more university educated, elite coast dwellers hijacked that term and transformed it into something more sinister, oppressive, and fundamentally anti-American. I’ve had many a debate with the modern leftist on this issue and I’ve proven them wrong every time.

Modern liberalism is not an American philosophy. Modern liberalism comes from Europe. And yet, why do so many leftists, that what I refer to them as now to sort of draw a line of separation between classic liberals(myself) and modern liberals, why do they constantly chatter and hail that their views are patriotic and constitutional? That seems so idiotic and ignorant. To say that expanding government, wealth redistribution, social justice, nationalization, and a progressive tax system are American concepts is to basically deny America’s very existence. Our constitution states that the government must have limits, our elected officials serve the citizen, and that we never have our rights infringed upon by any outside influence or by government itself.

And yet, we see growing examples of the government sweeping across this country gobbling up rights as it grows and grows. We see a growing influence from Muslim immigrants for example the foot bath issue some years back, the Sharia Law Mortgages that would allow Muslims to receive special loopholes on their mortgages based on their religious beliefs. Wow, I’d love to see a Jesus Mortgage for Christians or a Hebrew Mortgage for Jews, but I doubt that would happen. You know, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just grumpy about what’s going on. In the words of the Great One, the drones are just driving me crazy and I can’t take it. God bless me, let’s move on.

So what do I do to combat this shift in American identity and culture? I write, I have a radio show, and I’ve become the most radical Republican activist this nation has ever seen. If I have to do it alone I will combat this leftist agenda tooth and nail. Why you ask? Because I know first hand the dealings and evil intentions that leftists carry within their souls. I’m telling you these people hate America, they hate it. They hate our free market system, they hate rural America, they hate Evangelicals and our god, they hate the upper class, they hate white people(yes other whites hating whites is not unusual) they hate industrialism, and they hate the Military because they feel the Armed Services promote violence and knee caps peace and understanding among cultures. They call it the “American war machine” complex In the agenda of every leftist is to undermine and eventually destroy capitalism. America is the foremost and lone superpower in the world, and leftists along with Obama want to transform America into a leader among equals. They’re willing to allow Russia or China to rise as the world superpower rather than America remaining the lone superpower. These people actually believe that America is the greatest single threat to stability and peace in the world because we’re a powerful nation.

As I said I used to roll with these brown shirts for a long time before I saw the light. All throughout high school my teachers would fill our heads with anti-American and anti-war dribble. And like good little soft headed zombies we’d eat it up and ask for more. It wasn’t until a man by the name of Thomas Jefferson came into my life and changed me forever.  I wrote an essay about him and then I officially left the Democratic party my freshman year in college and never looked back. I started educating myself to all the lies and distortions I was told by left wing teachers and professors, and I genuinely felt betrayed. I used to look up to these people and they lied to me.

My feelings toward the leftist cuts very deep. It’s personal and reaches far beyond this nation and her people. For me to thwart the agendas and the movement of progressives is to get my revenge on a group that spread lies without remorse. They used to tell me that Republicans were rich white racists who didn’t care about minorities. They told me about the history of abolitionists and Civil Rights activists and how they were all Democrats. But those were also lies, because I did my research and uncovered the truth.

You see the Democrats used to be the party of slave owners. A Republican president freed the slaves and signed the Emancipation Proclamation. A Republican legislature supported LBJ’s Civil Rights Act, and it was a Republican President named George W. Bush who had the most diverse cabinet in history. More diverse than the cabinet of the nation’s first black president Barack Obama, a Democrat.

So you see I know first hand the nature of these people. They hate you all and now they hate me for kicking them to the curb. So this war of ideas we’re in is more than that. It’s a battle for the country’s future and its stability. So borrowing from the Great One once more, the left is anti-American, that’s right I said it, thank me.

By the way I encourage anyone on Red State or elsewhere to read Thomas Jefferson on Wikipedia.com. He’s so right on the issues of individualism, the approach to religion, and how he helped create what is today the greatest nation in the history of mankind in my opinion.