Principles Under Fire

It’s become increasingly clear that in order for Republicans to be successful in any election in the future they must abandon principles for pragmatism, beliefs for political appeasement to demographics and the next generation. But I would argue that while being a liberal myself, I’d rather vote and support someone with principles, than for someone who lacks a foundation or core beliefs. You see principles matter, period. They matter because they motivate us to fight for causes greater than our own self aggrandizement or self serving agenda. Principles were the driving force behind the birth of this nation, it’s rise throughout the centuries, and if those same principles are not restored then their absence will be the unfortunate downfall and decline of this nation.

But tell that to the elite coastal Republicans like David Brooks, who spends his time on PBS sitting next to Mark Shields apologizing to Jim Lehrer for conservatism’s very existence. Or how about Kathleen Parker who wrote an article a while back criticizing the Evangelical wing of our party. Now, I don’t the description of a conservative. I consider myself to be a liberal, in the classic sense that is. But I would proudly stand up and defend the values and beliefs of the right because we share the same views. For instance I believe in free market capitalism, states rights, individual responsibility, and small government. But again, try telling that to any of these “Sex in the city” Republicans and they’ll condescendingly pat you on the head and talk you down like your some puppy who just went on the carpet.

What were dealing with in our country requires principles, and strong convictions. When you have a president who wants to transform the country from a constitutional republic to a socialist utopia, you better believe principles are a must to root out such regressive policies. Imagine the United States without its founding principles and I’m willing to bet that version of America doesn’t make it past five years. In fact some are already singing our decline swan song. Some blame Bush, others are blaming Obama, I blame lack of principles. The Liberals like me who represent its original definition are not with this president, or his left wing congress, or his zombie army who fainted and cheered when the man blew his nose, blew his nose mind you. So let’s not apologize like David Brooks because he’s left the conservative arena and now declares himself a moderate. As if moderates have a place to go; they do not.

Moderates are like the guys in the movies who you aren’t quite sure whether they’re good or bad. You know the ones?, the guys who constantly stab you in the back, and then they’re all of the sudden helping you save something or someone. Just think of moderates as “Mac” from the latest Indiana Jones movie. For those who saw that movie you might understand what I mean. Back to principles, ah yes, principles. You know, I have this view on moderates. I’ve always thought the GOP wasn’t a good place for moderates because the Republican party has always been a party of principles, conservative principles at that. On the other hand the Democratic party has been a good place for moderates because generally speaking Democrats lack real principles. Bill Clinton is the original moderate who changed according to how well the country received him. He cared about polls and mood, that prevented him from going left. But with Obama he cares not about public mood or polls. He wants his modern liberal agenda to blanket this nation and forever transform America into something its citizens will never recognize.

That’s why you need principles, that’s why their important. Because mad men need to be stopped. And yes, I’m beyond the point of rationalization and analytical characterizations of Obama; the guy is a mad man. So to those who are dismissive of the right wing and their principles, this liberal says amen. it’s about time someone actually stand up for the foundation of this country. God knows moderates never will. They’ll just put on different political outfits according to what they think will get them elected. Hey Brooks, Parker, and the rest of you RINOS who lack conviction and heart, the Democratic National Convention is that way. Follow the trail of entitlements and lies.