By Clark Barrow

August 3, 2012

Millions.  The failed Obama economy is having a painful impact on millions of Americans.

Nearly 24 million people are currently unemployed or underemployed. Millions have given up even looking for a job, while others have found part-time work to help them scrape by.  Worst of all, this number is nearly the exact same as when President Obama took office. That’s right, 24 million people are still hoping for a change.  These Americans cannot afford another four more years of Barack Obama, literally.

While this news is bad enough, there is more trouble on the horizon.  The majority of these unemployed Americans had at least some college education. More than 3 million Americans are graduating from college every year and entering a weak and jobless economy.

According to figures from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 37 million Americans hold student loan debt, totaling nearly $1 trillion!  These young students have invested in themselves by attending college and enhancing their education with the hope of securing a better job. But it is not exactly working out that way.

Instead of getting better paying job, a growing number of former-students are defaulting on their college loans.  The sour economic conditions have erased many potential jobs for college graduates, leaving them little income to pay their bills. These Americans sought a better future, but President Obama decided to play games with student loan interest rates and pretend that the “private-sector is doing fine.”

The only real hope these graduates have for a change will be when President Obama moves out of the White House.  We can all make that happen in just a few short months from now.

This November, the American people will have the opportunity to decide the course of our economic future.  The election of Governor Mitt Romney will unleash the American economy and ensure that these college graduates get the jobs they worked so hard for.  Romney may not have been our first choice – but it’s time we all worked to elect a real leader; a man who will allow us to achieve our own American dream.

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