Oops they did it again....wasting our money!

In a seemingly ‘small error’ the Government sends out $450,000 of Stimulus money to 1,700 prison inmates. Social Security spokesman Dan Moraski makes a statement that the money went out because official records “did not accurately reflect that they were in prison”. Moraski goes on to say that the number was ‘relatively small’ since there was a total of 52 million checks sent out.

Depatrment of Corrections spokeswoman,  Diane Wiffin says “It was the DOC’s opinion that the inmates were not eligible for the payments because of their incarceration, and we withheld the checks from the inmates at that time and immediately contacted the federal Social Security Administration,” she said in an e-mail. However, she adds that the administration “failed to provide a directive despite several requests,” so the department could no longer withhold the checks from the inmates. Afterwards the Administration has asked for the money back.

This brings to surface a few questions:

1. Who were the ‘mistaken’ recipients?

2. Why after being contacted by DOC did the Govt. NOT give a directive for returning the checks?

3. What system failed that allowed these inmates to be on a Govt. ‘stimulus’?

4. Where was the oversight to prevent this type of mistake?

I personally think there is something ‘fishy’ here.