Am I the ONLY one in this country who heard it?

Was I the Only one in this country to hear it? In the 2nd pres debate Obama should have lost every voter over the age of 50. Yet no one in the media or anywhere else have I found even a mention. First question out the gate concerned retirees & living off dwindling Social Security, Savings, and investments. Neither candidate answered. Then the question of the 3 priorities healthcare, energy, entitlement reform of Social Security and Medicare, Brokaw asked, “What order would you put them?” Obama responded with 1-energy, 2-healthcare for the middle class working people of this country, and 3- EDUCATION for our young people. Social Security and Medicare, for Obama, isn’t a priority at all. Then when asked specifically about Social Security, he delivered his standard platitude that it’s a “central issue”, but then added, that he won’t be able to get to it in his first term (automatic assumption that he will have 2 terms). There, that’s done, off the table for Obama.

Obama seems to have little use for older Americans or retirees. No money, no meds, living on the street, now that’s a solid plan. And since older Americans will be dying soon, no sense in giving them any benefits, even the ones they paid for. Looks to me like his plan is to help us all die sooner so he can collect that 50% death tax. Oh, but he doesn’t want us to die until AFTER we’ve paid for our grandchildren’s college education.

I hope the Obama Nation of “young people” realize that 95% of them will ultimately have live-in parents because Obama will strip away any means they once had to survive, through taxes and elimination or by just plain ignoring it until it crumbles. hmmm…parents move in with children…do stressed children die young while “retired” parents live a whole lot longer?

An Obama Nation would be and Abomination for our seniors. Retirees would just cease to exist.