Soldier returned from Iraq to seek CD1-MN Republican nomination.

Dear Conservative Friends,

LT. COL. Jim Engstrand has just returned from serving in Iraq, and would be honored to have your support as he seeks the endorsement for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1st Congressional District.  Many of you will recognize Jim as being a long time conservative activist in S.E. Minnesota.  He has worked to protect our freedoms through his grassroots involvement as well as fighting on foreign soil.  You would be hard-pressed to find a better Patriot in the fight to protect our Constitution. 

LT. COL Engstrand is committed to the principles found in our Republican Platform and the U.S. Constitution.  He will exercise these values to develop a strong economy, strong families, and a return to the founding principles that made our Nation the strongest in the world.   

Our Declaration of Independence establishes that those who govern us do so at “the consent of the governed”.  Like you, Jim is deeply disturbed over the blatant disregard by our current leaders to listen and serve the interest of those who sent them to Washington D.C...  Jim Engstrand will work to change this culture of disregard toward the American people and the U.S. Constitution.  LT. COL Engstrand firmly believes that the fate of this great nation is still in our hands – and with your support he will put an end to the current bureaucracy that serves a socialist agenda! 

Jim has a lifetime of service to our Country, serving in Iraq as a Military Medical Healthcare Manager.  LT. COL Engstrand is respected for serving in numerous other capacities; on White House subcommittees, Pentagon medical councils, as well as serving in our local communities.

With your help we can elect Jim to serve as our next Congressman.  On his behalf, I am asking for your support tonight.  Please consider becoming a delegate or alternate and join Jim Engstrand in the fight for freedom!  

LT. COL Engstrand is currently under military orders, which prevent him from presenting his personal message today.  However, in the very near future, Jim will be contacting each of you and his candidacy will be formally announced.  We look forward to introducing you to the ‘People’s Candidate’ in the coming days.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact our campaign committee office [email protected]  for more information. 


The Committee to Draft Jim Engstrand for Congress


PS:  It will take a combat veteran to beat Tim Walz.



9304 105th St NWPine Island, MN 55963-9479

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