Rules and a treasure trove of information.

In the Dark Knight, Joker tells Batman that to get the truth he will have to break his one rule. In essence he is telling Batman he would have to kill him to stop him. While Batman ultimately is able to beat the Joker, he still loses.


We as Conservatives have one rule we live by. We refuse to destroy our morals and principals for anything. We understand that while everything goes to hell, the ability to look in the mirror in the morning and not be disgusted with what you see is extremely important. Our problem is we fight those that have no such qualms.

Take for instance the Senate race in MS. Thad Cochran and the GOP used every and any dirty trick they could come up with, up to and including outright voter fraud. They were willing to violate the law, lie, cheat and steal to ensure that they didn’t have to deal with another Senator that would stand with those like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. The thought of dealing with more principled conservatives who will not sell out to the Chamber of Commerce and K street keeps them awake at night. They don’t understand the logic behind that kind of commitment. They can’t fathom the idea that going to Washington is about fixing something and not about padding their creature comforts. They don’t understand the idea of not caring if the others in the House and Senate absolute hate you. Or in the case of Cruz and Lee, absolutely fear what you might do next.

It is that fear that drives them. They will never admit it, but it is there and it is strong. They know with more principled conservatives in office, their dreams of amnesty, and all the other crap sandwiches they want to feed us could end. They may have to violate their own rule, and follow the will of their constituents.

Ronald Reagan once said never to attack another Republican. While I understand what he meant, its time for that rule disappear. Destroy them. Every chance you get. If they are in office, hang everything that passes and happens on them.

We had a contraction of 2.9% in the GDP in the first quarter. Yet no one is talking about it. Obamacare is still in effect, yet there is no serious action against it. There is no serious force being used to scare the other side. Why? Quite simply because there is no “other side” there is one side with two names. We ladies and gentlemen are the other side.

Our “Recover Summer” has been going on for how long now? Sure the DOW is almost at 17,000 yet, no one seems to be doing any better. Jobs are not being made, money is, but not jobs, if it seems like as long as those big donors get to keep making money they don’t care about the rest of it.  That would be because it is. Any sane understanding of economics understands that failure is an option, and sometimes the best one. When QE whatever we are on stops, the DOW will fall. That will hurt, but in the long run it will be a good thing. Values and prices need to hit their natural point, we have still yet to do that. Until we do we will stay in “Recovery Fail”.

Now Boehner wants to sue the President. Why? What court is going to step in and do his job for him. If the Speaker had a back bone a few years ago he might have a leg to stand on. You know, when they passed all the spending bills that Reid let die. Instead of calling Reids bluff, they passed and omnibus bill. Why? Make it hurt, pain teaches lessons. If you cave everytime, then your opponet knows they have already won. So tell me whats the point of trying or talking big if your just going to fail and give in anyway?

That treasure trove I talked about, there it is. When you primary these asshats, and yes every sitting member of every elected office should always be primaried, use everything that passed against them. Make them outright defend everything they allowed to happen. Is it fair, no not really. At this point though who gives a damn. If they are going to lie and cheat their way to wins, make them earn it.

I said on twitter when they change the rules, change the game. It’s time to change the game. They know how we will attack them. Change it up on them. Confuse them. Get them defensive. Everytime they think they get a break bring up something new. Every member of Congress should be having to defend the fact they allowed Obamacare to pass and ultimately stand. It has been 4 years, yes I understand that the GOP does not own the Senate, but tell me Senator, how many times have you filibustered everything so nothing passes until Reid brings up the bills from the House? Why is the House continually passing bills, that Reid will never take up. Pass the spending bills and go home. Tell them to call when they do their job. Give them nothing. Until they do that, use everything that passes against them.

Will it work, maybe not, but imagine the fun times you can have making these asshats explain why they allowed all this crap to pass and stand. Oh and while your at it, please make them explain why every IT person at the IRS is not currently under supoena. Send the Captial police over there grab them, so no one can talk to them and bring them to the Hill. Make them talk right then. Answers will be coming pretty quickly. Until this is done. Use it against them.

They want to play the current game with no rules. The only way to break them, change the game.

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