Much like the frog our water is boiling!

I am reminded of a fable about a frog and a boiling pot of water.

I look around these days and can barely recognize the country we have become. According to our own President American exceptionalism is dead. We are inherently no better than the Greeks or the Iranians because after all everyone is special right?

How did we get here? Some people will look at the election and re-election of Obama and think that is where we went wrong. While that is true, his election was definitely a screw up of superb proportions it has been going on for a long time. His election was simply the left thinking they had slow walked us far enough that a giant leap wouldn’t be fought very hard. Who knew they were right.

This country was founded on the ideals of self determination and self realization. You are what you are, but you are free to change it if you are willing to put in the work. Born to a poor family with nothing, not a problem.Work hard and you could end up rich, monetarily anyway.

We went from a country filled with citizens that never needed the government in their life for anything. All they ever asked for was to keep them free from invasion and leave them alone to live their life.

Enter the Progressive movement. They didn’t like that because some people made it and others did it. Your business succeeded while your neighbors failed. And that just wasn’t fair. Wait, no that’s wrong. It was never about your neighbor failing or succeeding. It was about the fact that you succeeded. You cheated. You had to have. How else did your business grow when others fell. How did you earn wealth while others toiled away in poverty.

That wasn’t fair. Life should be fair. This allowed them an opening to get what they really wanted. Power. Elect me and I’ll make sure that neighbor of yours comes down a few pegs. Why should he get to live the good life while you have to scrape by. Never mind the fact that your neighbor worked 15 hour days to make himself successful. Never mind the fact you had no idea what you were doing and never bothered to learn or try really hard. Now I am not saying that all businesses fail because the owners don’t try. Not at all. But I can guarantee you that any business that has grown has someone behind it working their ass off to make that happen. Yes, Barack, they did build that.


But it’s not fair. You should get a piece of what your neighbor built. How did we get here? Think back to the people that have been elected over time. Our founders while far from perfect were people that had just risked their lives for the chance to live their life as they saw fit. Fast forward a few years and all of a sudden it starts to break down. The progressives start to see a new country to destroy. After all you have all of these rich people and all of these poor people need their help.

And so it starts. We get the 16th Amendment so let the redistribution begin. It wasn’t right away. That’s not how progressives work. After all they had to bid their time after the crash of 1920 that saw President Harding cut the federal government by 65% getting government out of the way and letting business do what business does. This led directly to the roaring 20’s. Who would come out and argue for more spending and regulation after that proof? Well some did but no one got serious about it until the Great Depression and FDR.

All of a sudden the government needs to get you a job. The government will take care of your retirement. The government will take care of your medical needs. No matter that all of those policies only made the depression worse. Hell that was even better for them. More people to put on the government dependency train.

The progressive movement was left unchecked until Reagan in the 80’s. Bill tried to bring it back in earnest in the early 90’s but the Contract with America was able to slow it down. Then came this new progressiveness. Compassionate Conservatism. Crap. While George W was light years better than the less than intelligent occupant who currently resides in the White house.

Look at what we have now. We have the largest ponzi scheme in the history of the world about to go bankrupt in Social Security. We just socialized 1/6 of the entire economy by destroying the health care market. We are allowing the re-education of our children with Common Core. And daily our President flips off the Constitution by making unilateral decisions that Congress seems to have no interest in fighting since someone on MSNBC may call them a racist or threaten to crap in their mouth.

Look at it all over time and wonder not how we got here. We know the answer to that question. The real question to ask is how to do we roll all of this back and become a nation once again that is self reliant and a beacon of freedom on the hill.

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