Veterans Day and an Oath

Almost 14 years ago I took an oath, signed some papers to defend this country from tyranny and oppression. I took that oath knowing full well that it would affect my life in ways that I could not have imagined at the time. I realized the choice I made would cause me to move a few times, and the addition of a wife and kids has made this life trying at times to say the least. The time away and constant moves definitely makes this life difficult from time to time, but I did it for a reason.

I signed up because I believed in something. I believed in this country and our founding principals. I say this not to get thanks from people or anything of that nature. I actually feel odd when I get thanked by people. I accept the thank you gracefully, but it always feels a little weird inside. Although I have often wondered if those WWII and Vietnam vets feel odd inside when I thank them.

I bring this up for one reason. Politicians also take an oath to follow the constitution. This as most can see these days is obviously a formality for them, since few actually seem to believe in it. I am pretty sure they have their fingers crossed when they say the words.

When someone does attempt to actually abide by their oath and follow through on the promises made to their constituency to get elected they are labeled “wacko birds”. Well Mr. McCain maybe you should take a step back and remember the oaths you have taken.

Now you hear it coming out that the GOP establishment is going to declare basically all out war against those elected members who had the audacity to actually try to hold faith to the constitution. McConnell and his friends on K street are determined to get rid of those who actually believe the Constitution is relevant and should be followed strictly.

People like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Justin Amash are in the sights of the GOP establishment. Their crime is to have the audacity to challenge leadership and force them into a fight they never had the spine to finish or even want to try. They were perfectly happy going along and claiming that the “next fight” would be the one. We all knew it was a lie and Cruz called them on it. He made them all look weak and silly. They hate him for it.

They have made McCain so delusional with anger that he believes people are begging him to run for President again. They are trycing to fund their way to getting Amash out because he had the gall to agree with Cruz. They refused to spend the money needed to win in VA because they hated Cuccinelli being all conservative and what not. They wanted to send a message to us bitter clingers who still believe the Constitution is the ultimate law of the land.

Face it they hate you and don’t like peasants like you and me trying to make them do their job the way we, their bosses, want it done. They would rather you just not pay attention, listen to their lies every few years and re-elect them with impunity.

They hate the fact that we no longer sit back and take the abuse. They hate the fact that we challenge them on their words. They detest the idea that we force them to follow the Constitution, and by that actually mean that oath they took when they were elected.

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