Shocking Obamacare increases higher in red states.

Stop me if you have heard this one before. The President is determined to punish those that go against him or slight him in any fashion, real or perceived. For him though, the ultimate slight is having the gall to not vote for him. I mean can you imagine the nuts on those people to disrespect the chose one by voting against him?  Well he will show us.

According to Fox News, and this should shock no one, rates for those living in states that are traditionally red and voted against the petulant chief are going to see their rates go up by an average of 75% with blue states only going up 50%.

Granted no one is really winning here. Everyone is getting screwed because 52% of the people that showed up to vote, decided this idiot was the best choice. However, I refuse to believe that Obama has this kind of forward thinking ability or pull in any sector to be honest.

More than likely this is simply him accidentally getting something that he will definitely like on accident. After all more traditional red states probably had fewer previous state mandates on insurance so this altered the pool more drastically than say NY.

Don’t think for a minute that he is not pleased to learn this though. I’m sure he’s excited to find out that he gets to stick to those bitter clingers just one more time.

Jokes on him though. Data is starting to come in, and shockingly it is the old and sick that are willing to fight the website to make sure they have coverage for the medical bills they are piling up. The young and healthy? Well, not so much.

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