Principles and spines. Why the GOP establishment doesn't understand.

Word came out today that McConnell and the GOP establishment are hell bent on destroying a private Republican consulting firm because they had the audacity to work with the Senate Conservatives Fund. This really comes as no surprise. After all the SCF is determined to remove McConnell and his squishy friends from office.

This leads us to the problem that the establishment doesn’t understand. They are pissed because someone has the idea of challenging their God given right to continue screwing us over. They claim that we are just “freakin retards” who don’t have a plan and have no idea how to “govern.” Well if governing means consistently losing, then nope we have no frickin clue how to do that.

They are afraid of doing anything that isn’t already decided prior to making a statement. That is why McConnell hides in the shadows until he can see which way something is going to go before throwing his vote out there. Him and his friends like McCain like to call us wacko birds. That’s fine. At least I can look in the mirror when I shave in the morning.

Will we win every battle we go into. Nope. That doesn’t happen, but there is something to be said for fighting for what you believe in. Losing is an option. Failure is an option. The question is how do you do it. When you lose standing up for yourself and what you believe in you allow yourself to fight another day. Isn’t that what we expect of the people we send to DC? To actually represent the people that voted them into office? More and more it becomes clear that the idea of actually representing  your constituency is heresy to those who have imbedded themselves into the happenings of DC.

In the words of Bufford T. Justice what we need is what’s called an “attention getter.” We apparently don’t have their attention yet. Rubio obviously thought he was safe to walk out and lead the amnesty push, he apparently didn’t get the memo that we aren’t exactly the amnesty types.

The establishment hates us. That we need to understand right now. They hold no loyalty to us, therefore we should hold none to them. They will screw you over at every chance. They don’t want to rock the boat. They don’t want to be called mean names in the papers and on the news each night. We don’t care what people call us.

That is the difference. We need to be very, very selective in those we nominate for the primary challenges that need to happen now and in 2016. Make sure that you donate and work only for candidates that are willing to fight. For someone to be willing to fight they must be willing to lose. Our founders understood this. They took the fight to the British crown knowing full well if they lost they would be hung as traitors. Even with that they were willing to fight. How many of the GOP “leadership” can you say would be willing to stand with today. Now tell me how many you think would be actively subverting their actions to get in good with the crown. Exactly.

Aaron Tippin once sang that a man who stands for nothing falls for anything. Admit it. They stand for nothing and fall for the same trap every time.

A man’s word and principles must be his bond. They must be what a man stands on when there is nothing left. Far too many in D.C. are in need of a new employer. It is time for us to fire them. However, when we do, make sure those we replace them with come with a higher ROI.

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