Why Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are responsible for Obamacare roll out failure.

Follow me on this one. Yes, I fully supported them in their bid to defund or delay Obamacare. I truly believe that it is the most destructive force to ever be unleashed upon the American workforce and the economy as a whole.

But look at it this way. Contrary to what Obama and HHS want to admit, they knew that the webpage was going to fail, and fail spectacularly.

So why wouldn’t they agree to the delay at a minimum? I mean this is their prized achievement, done right this would cement Obama’s legacy as President. So why let it fail in such a fashion that even John Stewart is making fun of you?

Simple Republicans and people like Ted Cruz wanted it. Because of the way that Cruz brought public attention to it by shutting down the government over it Obama dug in and said “No negotiations”. Without that Obama might have delayed it, but once Cruz made it his mission he couldn’t. At least not without looking like he gave in to the Tea Party.

To be honest, while I don’t think it was the plan, it worked beautifully. Obama forced a roll out that he knew was going to fail. Now we get to watch as people catch sticker shock and that’s for those that can actually, you know, log on.

Now you are starting to hear Democrats talk about with the failures that are showing with the website, it might be needed to delay some things. I disagree. See come April 15th people are going to get fined because they couldn’t get on and buy some insurance they couldn’t afford. While I know it is mean, well you get what you vote for.

People who read this already knew that rates were going to have to “skyrocket” to steal a line from Obama due to the new requirements. It’s watching those that thought it was going to be affordable or even useful that I can’t wait to see react after April.

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