Just think soon they will be in charge of your healthcare.

With the passage of Obamacare and the twisted pretzel shape that John Roberts had to get into to shove his head that far up his ass to rule it constitutional comes a glimmer of hope. Wait, no. That’s not the right word. What I meant was another reason to fear for your personal freedom and wealth.

Imagine this you immigrate, legally I might add, from Iraq in 1970 in the pursuit of all that the American dream offers. You follow the rules become a citizen, open a small business, employ people in the community, work hard and become a productive member of society, unlike the moochers and fee loaders they want to legalize now. What does it get you? The IRS stealing 35,651.11of your hard earned money.

Meet Terry Dehko owner of Schott’s Market in Frasier MI. He has run the store for 35 years. Pays his bills on time, was able to make something to support his family. The IRS found something they didn’t like though.

You see Mr. Dehko makes routine deposits of less than 10,000 dollars. Meaning they don’t have to be reported to the IRS. This angers the IRS apparently. After never asking him why and actually auditing him last year and finding no laws were broken, they went ahead and stole the money from his bank account anyway. Had they asked they would have found out that he makes those deposits because his insurance only covers 10,000 in cash losses. So it was in his best interest to keep less than that in the store at any time. That was just good business sense.

From the Washington Times:


Just last year, we were audited by the IRS to make sure we complied with “anti-money-laundering” laws. The IRS gave us a clean bill of health. Our store has been making deposits this way for decades, and the IRS looked through our books during the audit. Yet no one said anything to me about violating any law. The IRS even sent me a letter about their audit saying, “No violations were identified.” Without any warning, officials just cleaned out my bank account.

A federal agent came into his business in front of customers, told him his money was gone and that she didn’t care how he would pay his bills now. You know those pesky things like a payroll for the people that depend on the money they make from working there. Of course with this current administration never making a payroll in their existence they probably don’t realize that in the real world you actually have to have money to pay for things, not just a Fed to print a few trillion more.

Get this though, because it is the IRS they don’t even have to charge him with  a crime to keep his money until they decide the time is right to give it back. They have now had his money for 10 months. It was taken by the DOJ and the IRS under a secret warrant filed under civil forfeiture. They have not even been before a judge yet. Yes, this is still the United States. I had to walk next door and ask my neighbor to be safe.

Never heard of it. Yeah it pretty much means the government can come steal everything thing you own and keep it until you prove you are innocent. That’s right, you are guilty until proven innocent when the government decides to use this against you. Can’t afford to fight it. Oh well jokes on you peasant. Now that you are broke we have some great government subsidies and handouts for you though. Oh and don’t forget if you don’t get healthcare from our broken exchange we will fine you.

Why do I feel that this idea of allowing the government to have this kind of power goes against everything this country stands for. What the hell happened to our Constitution?

Come 2014 keep things like this in mind when you go to the polls. If it all works out there will be quite a few primaries of squishy Republicans who have screwed you at every turn. Call them find out what they are going to do to repeal such a unconstitutional abuse of power given to the DOJ. Then find a true Conservative and vote that worthless pile out of office.

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