Charles Boustany - Flag Waiver

I write this as being from LA originally I try to keep up with the goings on there. When one thinks about the type of Republican that should be coming from the State of Louisiana one thinks of the type of Senator that Ted Cruz is, or the type of Congressman Trey Gowdy is. Meaning they obviously have no interest in being someone’s friend or following GOP “leadership” just to get along.

However, enter Charles Boustany, he on the other hand does not like to rock the boat. At least not when it comes to GOP establishment plans. The Tea Party on the other hand? Well screw them.

You see Charlie here used to be a surgeon. So you would think having an insiders knowledge of how healthcare works he would be leading the fight against Obamacare in any way he could right. Maybe, I dunno supporting the shutdown to get Obamacare off our backs? Well you would be wrong. Here is what he had to say about the true conservatives in the House.

From the National Journal

There are members with a different agenda,” Boustany said Wednesday in an interview in his office. “And I’m not sure they’re Republicans and I’m not sure they’re conservative.”

I will admit the conservative wing does have a  different agenda. It is called the Constitution, and forcing this government to follow it. Charles obviously doesn’t believe in that. Or maybe he does and just doesn’t have the spine to force the issue. Maybe that is what he tells himself at night to sleep after he voted for Harry Reid’s bill to end the shutdown.

From his own website on his vote:

“Americans have had enough of the short-term political squabbling coming out of Washington. I refuse to jeopardize the nation’s economy over political disagreements on Capitol Hill. Some in Washington deny their responsibility to govern. Members of both parties must come together to work out their differences while achieving goals on important policy areas like tax reform, long-term government spending, and energy security.”

Notice what he never says in that list of things we need to work on? That’s right. Obamacare. He apparently falls under the “it’s the law of the land” premise and we just need to get bent over and grab our ankles theory. He called it a vote to “save the economy”. I call it a vote to sell out.

He also claims that he wants lower healthcare costs. But someone tell me, what has he done to push that issue? The useless votes in the House that everyone knew were going no where? How bout when it really got sticky? Where was he then? Oh yeah voting the way the McConnell and Reid wanted him to.

Just to let everyone really know where this guy stands. He was a sponsor on the failed farm bill from earlier this year. And his endorsement in 2012 from the LA Ag Commissioner stating that he was great friend of agriculture while in Congress. Let that tell you what you need to know.

Maybe Charles here really is the conservative and I’m just confused today. Maybe me and everyone like me should just shut up and let the GOP “leadership” have a turn at getting rid of Obamacare. Oh wait. Nevermind.

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