Backroom deals and lack of a spine.

It was announced today that the complete surrender of the GOP is in the works. McConnell got with Reid and gave away the farm, while Boehner is making sure that the House passes the bill with Dem votes first to prevent a filibuster from Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. If you think this wasn’t always the plan you’ve lost your mind.

For those of you wondering what capitulation means here ya go:




noun: capitulation; plural noun: capitulations

  1. 1.

    the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent or demand.

    the victor sees it as a sign of capitulation

    • historical

      an agreement or set of conditions.


      See also Republican Leadership



It was fun while it lasted but now we can rest assured that Obama and Reid got everything they wanted while we get shafted once again by the party “leadership”.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee forced the GOP hand and gave them a platform to make sure that the train wreck that is Obamacare could be stopped. The problem is and always was that the “leadership” never wanted the fight and had no stomach to make the fight work.

The problem is that Harry Reid got to see the Republican hand before the cards were even dealt. He knew they would never have the spine to force this until he caved. He knew he would never be called on his tactics of never bringing up any of the 14 appropriations bills passed by the House according to law to fund the government. Because of that we are where we are.

The only solace I can take out of this is that John Bhner will probably not be Speaker if the GOP holds the House. Of course that doesn’t help us now. After Jan 1 the subsidies will start flowing and after that good luck convincing people they would be better off not getting that “free money” from the Government.

According to the Washington Times this was an embarrassment.

For Republicans, the deal was more about getting an embarrassing couple of weeks behind them than in being able to claim victory in a deal that they felt compelled to make.

The sad part is that it is true. The last two weeks have been an embarrassment for the Republican party. Not however for Conservatism. Let me explain. See I was raised to believe that if you try to worry about what everyone thinks about you then you will never be willing to fight for anything.

That ladies and gentlemen is the problem with the Republican party “leadership”. They actually care what people think about them. Except they care about what the wrong people think about them.

Anyone else ready for that 3rd Party yet? I know I am.

Note to the GOP, do not ever ask me for a dime. Do not send me mailers, do not advertise to me. You are officially dead to me and I will make sure that everyone who votes for this failure is removed from office.

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