GOP stabbs you in the back again

According to the Hill the Senate Republicans want to offer a plan that would raise the debt limit, and fold completely by funding the Government for a year at Sequestration levels. Notice it says nothing about defunding Obamacare, only removing the medical device tax.

Could that long with the poll numbers that make it look like the GOP is losing be the reason that the WHite House and Reid are completely willing to walk way from the GOP House plan?

The fact is that is exactly why they are willing to hold firm. They know that eventually the GOP in the Senate will cave because there are too many of them like McConnell and Susan Collins. Both of whom claim to be Republicans, and in fact have run and won elections using that title. Let’s be honest here for a few minutes. Collins, Snowe, Murkowski, all of them are never going to be looking out for the best interests of the conservative people.

The major problem comes from the fact that McCain, McConnell and Graham will come out and openly subvert everything we as conservatives try to do. Why because they want to be liked or something, or maybe they just hate you. There is always that option.

Face it Obama and Reid knew full well that GOP “leadership” does not have the spine for this. They knew that they would fold and they knew that they were going to get whatever they wanted from the GOP as a penalty for being obstructive. Once Obama gets the GOP to fold like we all know they will, Reid will want a penalty, and leadership will probably offer it up.

Hearing on Fox News right now that according to Orrin Hatch, the White House says that any deficit plan will require new revenue. And there is your penalty. The WH is going to want Boehner to go back to the GOP and inform them that not only did they get nothing, we have to give up tax increases as a token of our loyalty to him, and a way to the forgiveness of the One for being mean like we were.

Just more reason to call your Congressmen and Senators. You let them know there better be no deal on anything until Obamacare is completely defunded. That is when we will reopen the government. If every member of Congress gets thrown out in 2014 then so be it. I wouldn’t mind seeing the government still shut down come election time next year.