Captured AQ leader great news, but why do we know it?

I have read a few places this morning that we captured an AQ leader in Tripoli Libya. That news in and of itself is a great thing. We can interrogate him – turns out no Miranda issued yet – and hopefully get some real intelligence that can be used. That of course is a fallacy.

Abu Anas al-Libi was taken off the streets of Libya is to be interrogated on a US ship in the Med and then brought to the U.S. to stand trial for the 1998 Embassy bombings. That is where I start to have a serious problem with everything.

Why on any form of common sense do we think that publicizing that we have this guys makes anything better? Once the world knows we have him AQ will make sure that anything he did know is no longer valid. On top of that now you will have everyone and their brother making sure that we aren’t too mean to him. Don’t limit his sleep, don’t play loud music, and under no circumstances are you allowed to make him feel like he is drowning.

In a sense everything we would have had for leverage over him is gone. This guy should have been grabbed, rendition should be in effect, and he should know that the no one in the world knows where he is. Then we would really find out how committed to the cause he is. The concept of publicly releasing him and thanking him for his help would probably make him reconsider his stance on working with us.

That brings us to the next part of this little drama. Why would the news be breaking now to show how strong we are on terrorism? Could it be possibly the plummeting approval ratings one current President is experiencing? Hell his barrycade procedures didn’t go over as planned. His closing of the Ocean is more of a punchline than actual effect, and quite frankly goes to show just how immature of a child this thin skinned “man” is.

On top of that I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want people visiting the monuments of previous President’s because then people would realize how Presidents recognized as “good” would be acting.