Po Pimps in 4th Grade

Maybe you have seen this maybe you haven’t but here ladies and gentlemen is just another example of Common Core making sure that our children are ready for the world. I mean once they get through school they have to be able to survive and that’s where Common Core comes in. I mean how else can they explain teaching kids about a song called Po Pimp in fourth grade.

This comes from a Louisiana Elementary school in Lafayette:



Check out number 3 where we get a run down on the rapper Twista. Of course some people may wonder more about number five.

See number 5 tells our kids that people dance to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Yeah that seems like something 9 year old children need to be learning. Silly me I thought school was for things like reading and math.

So the document came from a website as best I can tell that gives worksheets on English and Reading. Of course the problem comes from the fact that this became public on the 18 of September from the KATC Facebook page and the Stop Common Core in FL Facebook page

Of course when I went to see the document today there was no more Po Pimp, only a hit song.



Notice if you will the date and time this document was edited. Weird I know.

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