Just like that government accountability died a little more.

So the D.C. Court of Appeals has decided that who the President of the United States meets with is well, none of your damn business. In a decision that contains a level asshatedness not seen since the Obamacare decision, the Appeals Court unanimously decided that the logs of who visits the Oval Office is beyond the reach of the FOIA.

Someone is going to have to explain to me how exactly the man who is literally employed by the people of the United States, is allowed to hide who he is meeting while at work from his boss. But it’s cool says the court because the other offices in the White House still have to give up their logs. Here is looking at you OMB.

They claim that Congress never intended to make the Presidential schedule part of public consumption. So be it. That does not cover who he meets with though. That part of the pie is very important

From the Hill:

Judge Merrick Garland wrote in the court’s opinion that classifying White House visitor logs as “agency records” could “substantially affect the President’s ability to meet confidentially with foreign leaders, agency officials, or members of the public. And that could render FOIA a potentially serious congressional intrusion into the conduct of the President’s daily operations.

Maybe the Judge needs a quick refresher on civics. Who the President meets with and thus allows any opportunity to sway an opinion, is not an intrusion in the Presidents daily operations, it is this pesky thing Obama wants to go away, Checks and Balances.

Judicial Watch will likely appeal, as they say the chances of them doing nothing are pretty much nil. So how does this turn out if/when it reaches SCOTUS?

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