Is Obama squirming over sequestration?

On Jan 1st Congress and Obama made a deal that push sequestration back to March 1st. In that Obama was able to get his tax increases that he wanted on the “wealthiest Americans”, and apparently the GOP managed to screw up and paint him into a corner. That is the only thing that can explain why Obama is all of a sudden willing to do a short term extension of cuts to put off sequestration for a few more months.

The fact that something the GOP did actually might work, is well, shocking. Don’t think I’m going all soft on them though. Like I said, I’m pretty sure this was something they lucked into.

But let’s talk about that short term extension. Obama says that it is necessary to allow Congress to negotiate a long term solution that would completely prevent the sequester. Well here’s the problem with that. We have known about sequestration since August of 2011. That’s over a year, according to my calender I have here.

So answer me this. If a deal couldn’t be reached in 1 year and 6 months, how exactly is a deal going to be reached in 3 or 4? Answer, it won’t. So I say we don’t even try. I am so far beyond the willingness to watch John Boehner get owned by Obama and McConnell get owned by Reid that at this point it’s not worth it. We know we have 1 trillion in cuts in the bank. Granted most of them are pretty crappy cuts but they are actual cuts, none the less.

Obama wants to renegotiate a deal that cuts spending and increases tax revenue. Where have I heard that before. Unfortunately even with 1 Trillion in cuts right there to take if you do nothing, Boehner will probably negotiate them all away and come back with tax increases.

Why do we keep allowing this to happen? If Obama wants to put forth a plan so be it. But the GOP has already produced a few of them that have gone nowhere. Is there anyone in this room that truly believes that Boehner could produce a better plan after negotiating with the President that cuts more than is already guaranteed without caving on the tax increase issue? Yeah, me neither.

Of course, Boehner also made assurances that he would no longer negotiate one on one with Obama. This is the chance that we have to paint Obama into a deeper corner and show everyone that he is simply a far left loon. Just think, we are only a little less than a month away from sequestration coming into effect, a sequestration that Obama wanted by the way, and he is already trying to get away from it.

Personally, I think that the entire GOP should come out and publicly say that they love the sequester and think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and make Obama sweat. There is no need to negotiate anything right now or ever. If Obama comes forward with a plan that produces more ACTUAL cuts, and not just decreases future spending amounts, then we can think about that. But until that pipe dream happens I say we just stand firm on the sequester and watch Barry squirm.


Cross posted at The Handbook.