Does the No budget No pay bill really make a difference?

I ask this in all seriousness. The House passing the bill is a good step I think, but where does it really get us? It allows Obama to continue his reckless spending until April at the earliest and only means that the Senate has to do the job that the Constitution requires them to do already. So again I ask does this really make a difference?

Follow me on this. If the Senate passes the bill, which it looks like it will, and the President signs it, which again looks promising, all we really get is a budget proposal from the Senate. Granted, I understand that 4 years without one makes this a tremendous improvement, what does it actually get us?

What will any budget produce by the Dem controlled Senate actually look like? Will the budget deficit be below the 1.3 trillion that is expected this year? I highly doubt it. So again tell me what we have accomplished.

I understand the abstract concept that at least them doing a budget allows for voices to be heard and cuts to be put forth and the fact that the American people actually get see where the money goes. I also understand that in the grand scheme of things a legal passed budget is much better than a CR or some omni-bus bill that congress gets about 4 minutes before they vote on it. But will the budget be any different?

Will Reid allow any types of Republican changes to the budget to cause it to be anywhere remotely less spending that in previous CR’s or dare I ask actual cuts, meaning less money paid out, than previous years? I highly doubt it. Basically, what I think we are going to end up with is a Liberal wish budget that gets passed on party line votes or close to it. All that will allow them to do is make sure they still get paid. Once the budget goes to committee we know that the GOP will cave and the budget that the House produced, while not perfect, will be completely trampled by the one produced in the Senate. Why? Because the “leadership” of the GOP has no backbone and holds not even the slightest idea of how to fight and win such a contest.

I still am against the raising of the debt limit. I firmly believe that is the only way that we will ever be able to control the SPENDING in this country. The government takes in plenty of revenue. Until such time that painful necessary cuts are the only option available to them we will never control the runaway spending in Congress.

I still believe that sequester should go through. And I firmly believe that the government should be shut down until such time that Obamacare is completely defunded.

I may be far out there and I’m sure that people will call me a fringe idiot and that’s fine. But we will continue on this path until we completely drive ourselves broke. Greece isn’t that far away.

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