Blame the media for the current gun control fight.

With the gun grabbing left in full swing, and even beginning to attract some of those that at one point or another we endorsed by the NRA, I believe that it is time to start talking about what gun control laws would actually prevent.

And for the record no I DO NOT mean mass shootings.

However it could lead to more of them. Think about the fact that Newtown CT had some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Well everyone except the one that would actually work. Every school you go to will have  sign out front saying that it is a Drug Free and Gun Free zone. Does anyone here actually believe that schools are actually drug free? No. Didn’t think so. Now tell me why does putting a sign out front make people believe that guns will never end up there.

By ensuring that all law abiding citizens have no way to protect themselves they have created massacre zones with every place that one of those stupid signs goes up. I give you Aurora movie theater,  The Sikh temple in WI, Sandy Hook, VT, and all the others that have happened.

Now lets look at what happens when you remove the useless sign and stop trying to infringe on peoples God given right to defend themselves from evil.

So everyone has heard about James Holmes going bat shit crazy in a movie theater, but how many here have heard about Antonio Milow, an off duty cop, also in Aurora CO, by the way, who shot and killed Kiarron Parker who after crashing his car in the parking lot of the New Destiny Church killed the Pastors mom who had come to see if she could help. As soon as she came out Parker shot her five times and killed her and proceeded to enter the church, where Milow was at. He drew his service weapon and ended what could have been another massacre.

But you don’t hear about that because it goes against the narrative of guns are bad and need to be banned. We can’t have proof publicly out there for mass consumption that shows that guns are typically used for protection and not crime.

Or how about a 14 year old boy who shot and critically injured a 37 year old man who tried to break through the front door while holding a gun. You are definitely not going to hear about that on the news. I mean think about how many of the left’s gun myths are destroyed by that story alone. Children can only injure themselves with guns remember, so to think that 14 year old can save his siblings by using a gun would cause them to have to answer uncomfortable questions so you never hear about it.

That not enough for you, okay then. How about Danny Black in Milwaukee preventing a man in a van from robbing him and his girlfriend and doing God knows what else simply by taking out his legally permitted gun and scaring the guy off. He didn’t even have to fire a shot. Just showing that he wasn’t a willing victim solved that problem.

It is estimated that 2.5 million times a year a gun is used legally in self defense. That is an amazing stat. Every time someone lies to you and tells you guns are only used to kill people you can point to people like Assistant Principal Joel Myrick who on Oct 1 1997 stopped a rampage by Luke Woodham. He was able to kill 2 and wound 7 at Pearl High School in Pear MS, before Mr. Myrick was able to get his .45 from his car and subdue the crazed gunman until the police arrived. How many more people would have died from the 30-30 rifle he was carrying if Myrick had not been carrying a gun.

Then there is the sad and fatal story of Principal Gary Seale who in 2005 was shot and fatally wounded trying to wrestle a gun from Ken Bartley Jr. a 15 year old who had decided to go on a rampage. The Vice Principal, Jim Pierce, was also shot in the chest and fatally wounded. Luckily for all the students at that school they gave their lives fighting unarmed with an armed attacker and gave their lives in the struggle to get the gun from the deranged student. Imagine how different this would have turned out if either of them were armed at the time. Could one or both still be alive? We will never know.

If gun control fanatics get their way then people like Danny Black and Antonio Milow will not be able to protect themselves and others when the time comes. After all as we have proven over and over again the only people that gun control laws take guns away from are the law abiding citizens.

These are by no way a complete listing of every time a gun has been used to stop a crime. Unfortunately the news does not see fit to report that like it reports mad gunmen. But imagine if they did. No one in their right mind would ever think to publicly say we should outlaw guns if we were celebrating the people who have saved countless lives using their legal guns the way we report on the way the criminals use them.

Cross posted to The Handbook.