We allowed this to happen now deal with it.

I have been trying to figure out what I wanted this post to say for a few days. Today it struck me as to what it was that I wanted to say. I have been reading that people think that the Conservative caucus of the Republican House screwed everything up by throwing a “Tantrum” and making sure that Plan B failed. Some people believe that by doing this we are going to be stuck with God knows what kind of deal that is going to screw us over in the long run.

Here’s a news flash for you. Plan B was that plan that was going to screw us over, and it wasn’t even going to wait for the long run. It was going to screw us over right from the beginning, but people are so afraid of the fiscal cliff that they don’t want to believe that. They seem to believe that Congress is actually concerned with doing something that is logical and would actually be a step in the right direction for the country. If that were the case the Sandy relief fund wouldn’t be 60 billion with only 11 billion going to Sandy victims and most of the money not being spent until 2015.

Yet still people will scream about the fiscal cliff and what it will mean. What are we going to do next year or the year after when Obama decides to cut taxes so that he can look like a tax cutter. Simple, Nothing. Nothing should move in Congress until substantial cuts are made. Not slows in growth. No I mean actual, take the amount spent last year and lower it, cuts. Once that happens then we can start talking about other things. Until that point NOTHING moves. It’s not like we have to worry about a budget being voted on and approved anytime soon. Sure we can and should keep creating them and sending them to the Senate. But every time one gets rejected by the Senate cut a couple hundred Billion more out of the next one. Then you can start negotiating on our side of the fence.

I want everyone who voted for this man to get exactly what they voted for. The tax increases will not hurt the rich they will just stop investing as much into their businesses, which will mean fewer jobs, which will mean more unemployed, which will produce even less tax receipts than we get now. But as I have stated on multiple occasions stupidity should be painful.

I no longer have the patience or the inclination to listen to idiots who refuse to learn from history. If you want to punish the successful go for it. You will notice that in short order there will be fewer and fewer successful people.

We control the House. That means anything that involves money has to originate there. I would enforce that rule to the T. If the Senate tries to pass anything that even remotely has to do with money I would shut it down. I would not pass a debt ceiling increase, I would not pass a new CR, nothing. Make them sweat make them wonder just how much we are willing to shut down to prove a point and hold a principal.

The next thing I would make sure was attached to everything that moved was a new accounting requirement. No longer could budgets set for 10 years, they would be set for 1, and never could they spend more than 85% of the tax receipts taken in the previous year. That is to include payments on our current debt. The last 15% would be the money reserved in the case of  down turn of the economy that year. Then we no longer have to borrow money. If at the end of the year that 15% was not used it will be paid toward our national debt. This will remain in place until the time that we no longer have a national debt.

Sound crazy? Then why do successful business practice this all the time? It’s not crazy it’s logical and it is a common sense approach to get out of debt.

If common sense and logic are no longer the basis upon which we govern well then I believe it’s time to get new people who are willing to use these basic tenets to govern. Nothing less will do.


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