Why ObamaCare is horrible for America

I always had a problem with ObamaCare.  My mother and step father are respiratory therapists, and my aunt is a nurse.  They are in their early to mid-fifties.  They basically are too young to retire but too old to change professions.  If they could, they would change jobs after this bill passed.  They have to just “take it in the rear” and stay until retirement.

I have heard many stories from my family about the problems with the health care system from the provider’s perspective since I was a little child.  I remember the scare that was known as “HillaryCare”  back in 1993-1994.  Many Canadian immigrants (mostly hockey players) have come to my parents’ hospital over the years in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They have told many horrible stories about utopian Canadian health care.  Canada rations and denies care to individuals.  That’s why the well off come here for procedures because the wait is longer than life expectancy.

I also have problems with ObamaCare because this entitlement is very different from every other entitlement in American history.  ObamaCare is different than SCHIP, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, VA, Medicaid, Welfare, Welfare Reform, and Social Security by the following:

  1. All of the previous entitlements were bipartisan and popular with the public.  ObamaCare was totally partisan and very unpopular with the people.
  2. The previous entitlements were always for the vulnerable, not for the working middle class.  ObamaCare will be the first entitlement directly for the middle class.
  3. The previous entitlements were designed to minimize suffering.  The entitlements always dealt with wants but never needs.  ObamaCare takes over health care which deals with needs.

Previous entitlements were difficult to role back because they were popular, the benefits hit the public first, the pain of paying for it hit the public later, and the middle class always paid for the entitlement by some mechanism like payroll taxes.  ObamaCare doesn’t really get paid by the middle class directly, it is unpopular, and the pain of paying for ObamaCare hits at the start by the tax increases while the “benefits” are in the year 2014.

I keep hearing about the benefits that the Democrats can sell to the people, but I personally don’t buy that.  These benefits include parents keeping children on their health plans until age 26, closing the donut-hole with Medicare coverage, and children being covered with preexisting conditions.  Personally, I don’t think these are very controversial new changes, but the future of ObamaCare is still “the unknown.”  The opposition can still argue against ObamaCare because the thing is pretty predictable.  The people can learn why the system will fail if conservatives articulate why ObamaCare will cripple the health care system and the predictions become true.  Somehow the public opposed the bill when it was still “unknown.”  The bill is still “unknown” until 2014.  We should attack it until November 2010 and into November 2012.

My fear is that the voter will change forever.  The middle class is getting “a handout” from the government that is a need for them.  This is why most European countries and Canada are center-left and not center-right.  America is exceptional in many ways.  We are a center-right country.  The reason why is because of the middle class.  They work hard, play by the rules, don’t want handouts, and want to be left alone.  The moment the handout goes to the middle class, you end up with dependents and eventual slaves to the government.  This is the nightmare that is stuck in my mind!  America would be gone!  Where will I go?  This is why I have to stand and fight and protect this hill that I stand on!  I pray for this country, and I believe in the American people.  With effort and will of the people, we can stop this poison-pill called ObamaCare.