Only occupying the public square can change the election tide now: lesson from Wayne County

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Face it: we are watching an ongoing conflict that can only have one outcome if we don’t take lessons from the left and uncork our ultimate weapon: the power of the people.

When we have witnessed multiple occasions, mostly in the Third World, of fraudulent election results being annulled, what is the common denominator? What we’ve seen is that election officials stand firm at first and insist on the validity of the process in concert with that country’s media. But what finally breaks the dam are continuing and accelerating street protests that overwhelm the efforts of media to suppress them, until the political pressure becomes too great – and the officials relent and/or the courts (depending on their level of independence) intervene on the side of the protesters.

The left knows this and knows the power of street theater and getting bodies into the streets. The right too often relies on staying within the institutional structures – especially the courts – in the hope that the rightness of their arguments will carry the day.

But has often been observed, sometimes cynically (e.g. “The courts follow the election results“), when bodies in the public square visibly collide with verbal disputation, the side with the bodies will usually prevail.

After all, judges and election officials are still human beings who respond to what they perceive to be the spirit of the country and will find it difficult to stand up for the law and for reason when faced with the tangible power of a dominant narrative coupled with orchestrated outrage and perhaps threats accusing them of being bad people – and not hearing or seeing voices and people on the other side to give them support and encouragement for doing the right thing. Or even worse when “leaders” from the other side give in as well or assent to empty promises.

In such circumstances, unfortunately, the temptation is to do nothing and let matters take their course when you feel alone. And that is what we look to be seeing in Wayne County.

Which is what we will be seeing in the days to come, as one domino falls after another every more easily as each see what has gone on before.

* * * * * * * *

How did we get to our present plight? There is an ancient saying: Nature abhors a vacuum. With both sides for the most part staying off the streets, what has rushed to fill that vacuum has been a hegemonic media – traditional and social in coordination – to crown Biden/Harris as the winner and to clear the stage of dissenting voices to establish a dominant narrative that the nation is fine with that outcome.

(Well not quite: we’ve seen months of the left protesting, often violently, with minimal pushback – and a few token rallies acting as reinforcement in people’s minds that more demonstrations will break out all over should the election tide turn against the Democrats. We saw this power being exercised first with intimidating Trump’s PA election lawyers, and now with the protests that erupted when the Wayne County Republicans tried to stand up for election integrity.

And yes, we saw last weekend a large Trump-supporting rally in D.C., but without follow-up, it’s now disappeared from the new cycle.)

I’ve fleshed this out in my companion essay, illustrating the alternative situation had the Republican and Democratic roles been reversed.

But what is the linchpin of the media’s inordinate power is that they are able to draw upon the theater of voices and images of protesters who by their presence will lend muscle to what otherwise are a confusing welter of words and arguing.

Now what we have on our side is the majority, and more than that, an unprecedented number of Trump voters who can see the fraud and electoral theft going on – but what they dominantly hear is the media narrative from all sides and they do not see other people like them standing up and calling out the media as liars. Instead, as time goes on, we see increasing acquiescence to a Biden victory that makes resistance ever more difficult, as little happens in the courts to counteract the inertia moving towards a Biden/Harris victory.

That is, a properly organized Trump strategy would have built on this rally with more rallies called, first in the states under dispute and accelerating from there, creating a competing tide that would break through the media omerta and initiate a preference cascade with more and more people demanding proper investigation and resolution of the election fraud. But the longer time goes on and election night recedes into the background, continuing to do nothing different becomes ever easier.

* * * * * * * *

One of the hallmarks of Trump’s rise is that he understands the importance of theater and visible presence – which is how he broke the script (including his two-edged Tweeting habit) to gain his win in 2016, and how he up to now repeatedly broke through the resistance to his actions.

I suspect that his instincts would have been to call out his supporters to demonstrations that would prove visible people backing to his protests of electoral fraud, but was talked out of it by his “advisors” who assured him that they could reverse things in the courts – either because they convinced themselves that legal arguments alone matter, or because they just don’t understand the power of the spectacle of bodies in the streets and how that moves courts and so-called “public opinion” that political figures (including judges) are always assessing in making decisions.

They just didn’t see how the media would fill that vacuum and shut them out of the public arena and thereby tilt the scales of “public opinion” against Trump and other Republicans. (That’s assuming that they really are on Trump’s side and not pursuing some other agenda.)

They just didn’t take to heart the historical examples of how to overcome massive governmental election fraud through occupying the public square, perhaps not realizing that Trump is the insurgent still against a Deep State allied with the Democratic Party that still dominates the Federal government in practice.

Thus so far Trump’s election team has squandered most of their opportunity to create a groundswell of visible support to counter the media onslaught, with Thanksgiving fast approaching and then the early December deadlines for states to certify the election results.

It’s time to unleash Trump to call out his supporters to begin to occupy the public square before our officials wash hands in resignation and fear of retribution from the Deep State and their minions of enforcers.

Sometimes, defending democracy and freedom looks crude. Better crude than bloody.

Remember, Possession [of the public square] is nine-tenths of the law