As our current Battle of Gettysburg Day One winds down, who will capture Cemetery Hill?

(AP Photo/Wisconsin Historical Society)

Perhaps a military historical analogy to a pivotal battle in the War Between the States will focus our minds on the stakes involved in the outcome of the Presidential race.

With us in the position of the Gray, we have been seeing the Blue side (Democrats) making major gains in the cultural war and capturing many of our institutions, academia, the media, etc.

Trump’s victory represented an unexpected counterattack like until the initiation of the Battle of Gettysburg. His first time is analogous to Day One, some gains but definitely inconclusive outcome on the battlefield.

The next four years represents Day Two.

And this election represents the battle for Cemetery Hill: if the Democrats prevail there (especially if the capture the Senate and keep the House), this will give the Democrats a commanding position over the field of battle. That is, their control of the Executive branch agencies (and the military) will give them a major firepower advantage from a powerful base position. The consequences on our ability to push back on the left’s takeover should be quite powerful.

Not to mention the dire example of Day Three and Pickett’s doomed Charge.

Those who would deny the importance of capturing today’s Cemetery Hill are just deluding themselves about the onslaught that will come tomorrow if we give up prematurely fighting for overturning the fraudulent election results.

This is not the time to give up on Cemetery Hill – we still can prevail until and unless Congress acts in January to recognize 270+ electoral votes for Biden/Harris.

After Gettysburg, what remained was a bitter war of attrition until the Gray could fight no more. Let us pray that we and our nation can yet be spared that fate.