Et Tu Brute? - Where is the DOJ in all this turmoil?

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

So everyone was saying that the risk of election chaos (and thus increased opportunity for fraud) was very high. It’s been in the public arena for months as to the battlefield states and the history of strange ballot behavior in certain key Democratic strongholds. And we saw announcements some days back that the DOJ would be sending out teams to monitor for irregularities in various locations, including Philadelphia.

We all know that the best way to handle fraud is to prevent it at the time rather than after-the-fact court cases. We’ve had months to come up with strategies and implementation protocols to preserve the integrity of the voting and counting process.

And yet, as we are now watching the greatest civil rights violations going on in American history with shutdowns in vote counts, intentionally insecure counting locations and at times barring of observers, not to mention mysterious vote dumps, mostly in the early hours of Nov 4 – these DOJ agents have been totally absent from the scene. Rather than having mobile teams ready to spring into action when suspicious or potential fraud is being reported or when basic security protections are being abrogated, we have heard only crickets.

Indeed I have not heard one word reported from the DOJ or any reports of any DOJ teams being dispatched as the civil rights of all our voters are being endangered and violated. Is this the final link in the efforts of our Washington elites to save their skins and regain full control of the executive branch of the Federal government (with possible control of the Senate as a byproduct of changing the results of key races)? That we may never know.

But what we do see is clear dereliction of duty by the DOJ and by its leaders. And such behavior by those sworn to enforce the laws is a serious, perhaps fatal, body blow to the continuance of our great Republic.

And nobody on either side of the political divide is pointing all this out. That’s the strangest event of all.

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