With the betrayal of the Republican holdouts, the Republican leadership must now go all in on Kavanaugh and November

With the treachery of Jeff Flake coupled with the continued obstinacy of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in demanding an impossible level of certainly, the time has come to put an end to the debacle of never-ending delay and continual bad faith dealings and to force the issue to a final confrontation.

And that includes matching the unprecedented Democratic destruction of the Senate with an unprecedented counterstroke:

Which is that the Republican leadership must make the following known to Flake, Collins, and Murkowski:

1) If they continue to ask for further delays, none will be given, but the nomination will go to a vote so that they and the rest of the Senate will have to go on the record with their vote.

2) If they vote against Kavanaugh so that the nomination fails, then the fall elections will be turned into an explicit referendum on Kavanaugh.

Specifically (the counterstroke)

3) Upon the nomination’s failure, Trump and the Republican leadership announce to the American people that they reject the Senate’s gross violation of their constitutional duties and of the fundamental rights of Brett Kavanaugh – and by extention all American citizens – and that therefore they issue a call to the American people to install enough Republicans in the next election so that this injustice can be reversed, because

4) If the voters increase the Republican Senate majority, Trump’s first action upon the convening of the next Congress will be to renominate Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

It’s time to stop playing victim and throw the Democrats’ behavior back in their faces with the most aggressive push back possible. Further appeasement or cravenly caution will only lead to electoral disaster in November, which in turn will lead to the prompt disintegration of the Republican Party and the fundamental transformation of our nation.

Yes, the stake are this high. We didn’t choose the battleground, but since the Democrats have launched an unremitting attack, then fight we must or perish as a nation.