Roy Moore: Here's a radical idea - let the AL voters decide

While many like to wallow in accusations of scandal and to debate all the details, I am disturbed by how this L’Affaire de Roy Moore represents the latest example of the increasingly compulsive need to nationalize the conducting of state and local elections and to shout to the world how you think those voters should think and act.

Perhaps this is just reflective of the spreading plague of weaponized mob outrage in our land that in turn has created the execrable defense mechanism of virtue signaling, a pallid attempt to preserve purity and one’s standing in the eyes of other in a world where moral standards and enforcement of said standards have been usurped by self-appointed commissars of the public good, subject to the shifting sands of convenience and expediency.

As a result, it seems almost that everyone from the President on down feels the need to demonstrate their intellect and superior wisdom and virtue by intruding into other peoples’ business, in this case to educate the “benighted” voters of Alabama as to how they should conduct their affairs of state. We don’t seem have enough to keep our own lives in order and to engage our own communities, to clean up our messes: we want to run other peoples’ lives as well. But I’m sure that we really don’t want the same were the roles reversed and have to endure a multitude of folks haranguing us.

Once again we seem to be living more in Alice’s Wonderland surrounded by Red Queens operating under the principle of “verdict first, then the trial” in their increasingly frantic calls on Roy Moore to resign.

Perhaps we need to recall the Golden Rule.

Sure, we’ve heard the accusations; let’s give both sides the opportunity to present their evidence, and then let the chips fall where they may. We have a race for the Senate, the voters of Alabama have selected their two candidates, the deadline for ballot changes has passed, so it’s up to the same electorate -individual by individual – to weigh all the various factors concerning both candidates that are involved in making a political decision as to who will represent them. And our system also provides recourse if egregious violations of the public trust are demonstrated after the votes are cast. The rest of us need to respect that privilege and responsibility of the citizens of Alabama.

The tinctures of time and reflection have a highly therapeutic effect of bringing clarity out of confusion and restoring rationality to the mob. Let’s use them to help tamp down the fever.