Activist Opportunity Today Only!- Help recruit Cook County (IL) Republicans for Election Judges (or be one yourself)

For those Republicans living in Cook County – or who know Cook County Republicans, Kevin DuJan over at Hillbuzz has posted this opportunity to change the culture of vote fraud by signing up as an Election Judge – and today is the deadline.

DAILY DOOM ANTIDOTE: How YOU Can Help Defeat Barack Obama Today — Wednesday 9/26/2012

Please help spread the word to all your friends and people on Facebook and Twitter that Sharon Meroni and her group DefendtheVote.com is still looking for 350 Republican election judges in Cook County, Illinois. People can apply to become judges at www.ElectionJudges.US and by calling 312-242-1818.

From an earlier open letter to Rush, some background

Your listeners could tip the scales and cause Barack Obama to lose Cook County in November — and with it the state of Illinois — because a woman here named Sharon Meroni has mounted the most comprehensive and energetic crusade against voter fraud that Chicagoland has ever seen. Sharon is a mom from the suburbs who took it upon herself to secure our elections in Cook County and eliminate as many avenues for Democrat voter fraud as possible.

For the first time ever, Democrats will not be filling all the election judge positions like they normally do because Sharon has organized an effort to fill Republican election judge positions with actual Republicans. Imagine that! In the past, Republicans never bothered to seek out election judges so these paid positions just defaulted to Democrats…and Democrats handed out these plums every election year unchallenged.

The GOP in Illinois has been a joke in this state for years because they don’t even bother trying to win most of the time; these clowns are instead content being the Washington Generals while Democrats in Chicago are the Globetrotters of voter fraud. It’s been a national disgrace since the 1960s that Cook County mysteriously delivers ballots at the last minute to push Democrats to victories…that the dead rise from their graves to cast votes on Election Day…and that people can be registered and vote in several counties in Illinois at the same time (provided they are Democrats, of course). No one ever did anything about this because the GOP in Illinois is very much “let’s not rock the boat or tip the apple cart”. These people are always so afraid of being uninvited to cocktail parties or being called mean names in the Tribune or Sun Times that they’d always just let Democrats run wild in Cook County gaming the election system.

Read the rest at the link. And consider – regardless of how you assess the state of Mitt Romney’s campaign, isn’t it still better to act to make his election more likely?

Or to paraphrase an old tale: we find ourselves in a boat on a lake unwillingly holding a lit stick of dynamite. Time to decide: did we come along to fish – or just talk. If the latter…do I need to describe what will happen when the fuse burns down far enough while we just sit there holding it – what will happen to us and to the boat, our nation?

Let’s go fish.