Reminder: It's Still the Economy

As come down the home stretch to the crucial election, the media would like to have everyone thinking the election is about witches or tea party rage or a twenty-year-old article or all the other tricks they are utilizing to distract the voters from the Achilles heel of the Democratic politburo – which is that the economy is still in the toilet while they continue to try to flush it down.

Curious how the media was all over the Bush administration 4-6% unemployment rate as a crisis of governance, but now placidly accept double or triple that rate as just a hiccup…well obviously not so curious.

After all, historically the state of the economy play a major or even a predominant role in electoral outcome. And the Democrats are definitely facing a strong headwind on their performance regarding the economy.

Let’s find a way to refocus the voters attention. But at this point in the game…not so much at the factual and statistical level when voter’s brains are on overload – but through their gut.

And particularly by asking questions rather than trying shout louder over the increasing din. Questions have a way of disarming listeners and bypassing defenses to stick like a burr when direct assertions will get their backs up and their ears closed.

    “Are you better off today than you were two years ago?”
    “Are you growing more hopeful or less hopeful about your future over the past two years?”
    “Is it right to saddle our children with the increasing debt that Congress is putting them into?”
    “Do you like how our President and Congress are strangling business growth that could create new job growth.

And so on. Questions, lots of questions. How about answering leading questions with questions of our own. Take a look at how Jesus handled his opponents most of the time – with well-phrased questions that trapped them with untenable choices of response.

Statements become piñatas for media commentators who can find all sorts of ways to rip them up. But questions – far, far harder for them to target successfully as it slips away from their sticks and sticks in the listeners’ craws as it starts to raise that cloud of doubt.

Time is getting short – let us let loose with a barrage of creatively awkward questions for Democratic candidates.