Is the bastard child of JournoList targeting O'Donnell?

Here in Oakland, in addition to two high-visibility state-wide races for senator and governor, we also have a hotly contested three-way race for mayor (plus seven other also-ran candidates) in our first “instant run-off” election, which in turn is generating much speculation how this will upset the usual electoral calculus.

Not to mention the almost smoking-gun evidence of a conspiracy by the local corrupt party* machine mayoral candidate, acting in concert with a supposedly-independent PAC to evade mutually-agreed upon campaign spending limits so as to spend the over half a million dollars extracted from all his “friends” from the unions and the other usual suspects, almost twice as much than his opponents combined.

So what is the daily political cartoon of the day that our local paper choose to reprint?

Well, we bring you this hot-breaking item from Delaware, via Missouri**…

Im No a Witch

Besides the ludicrous linking of O’Connell to Nixon’s denial of criminal activity, why two weeks later after the issue first was manufactured is O’Donnell still being pummeled in almost every media modality?

And why, of course, is there no cartoon with Coons in the middle saying “I am not a Marxist”?

[Hint, hint…turnabout is fair]

And why no discussion of Coons’ youth by the press beyond Coons curt dismissal? Because only Republicans are held responsible for everything they might have said from nursery school on? Do asses donkeys bray?

And why did our local paper see fit to publish this cartoon about a rather obscure race in Delaware (for Californians) that has previous attracted almost no attention besides a few AP briefs?

Though there is the silver lining is that 1) they aren’t attacking California Republicans for one day, and 2) they might actually help O’Donnell by drawing attention from California Republican donors. And it may well be that most readers will be scratching their heads in puzzlement.

And you’re going to tell me that there is no JournoList activity still going on?

Why that’s as ridiculous as telling me that mean Aunt Nancy also lied about Santa Claus…and that she forgot to tell me I was on the hook for all those neat presents Santa carries about on his sled. Next thing, she’ll be telling me is that God The Goddess is a Democrat.

*Democratic. Did you really have to ask?

**John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri