"Grizzly-ized": the conservative version of "radicalized"? [Open thread]

Reading kowalski’s recent diary,

People, It’s Time to Do Something Good

a descriptive term that came to mind as descriptive of what he experienced is a word with a long political pedigree: radicalized

Now the word “radical” literally means “root” – so radicalized means the process by one undergoes a root, or fundamental change.

In the political sphere, this word indicates a sharp turn from the mushy, comfortable, “moderate” middle ground towards a more extreme position that puts one out there in terms of advocating fundamental change in the political system.

Surely, this term would describe what is going on with many Americans in the run-up to this year’s elections – a growing realization that this country is heading in the wrong direction and a recognition that one can no longer rest in the middle but needs to go out there and actively yank us back to a country run on conservative principles.

However, the words “radical” and “radicalized” have been expropriated by the far-left (who also have worked on labeling conservatives and others opposed to their ideology “reactionaries”)

Thus we need to find a new word to describe what happening with the American people.

My modest proposal (if you’ve made it through this far) is that we call this process as folks being grizzly-ized.

Other suggestions welcomed in the comments. I’d call it a contest, except there are no judges and no prizes.

Open thread.