Please help locate this Retired Marine fighting the unions

I read today this Fox news story about a ROTC instructor in Worcester MA
who’s being threatened with termination on June 15th if he doesn’t pay a $500
union agency fee by June 15.


His name is Stephen Godin, and he’s a Retired U.S. Marine Major.

The red flag in the article is this section:

Godin, who retired from the Marines in 1994 after logging more than 2,000-plus hours flying F-4 Phantoms and five overseas deployments, said he has not hired an attorney.

“That would cost me money, too,” he said.

If he doesn’t get a lawyer, that will cost him his job, you can be

I contacted the legal department of the National Right to Work Legal
foundation who specialize in these kinds of cases and provide free legal
assistance – the receptionist (once they transferred me) say they were aware
of the case, affirmed my concern that he would be railroaded if he didn’t
get legal counsel, and said they were trying to track him down.


The NRWF 800 hotline number (ask for transfer to legal defense group) is
(800) 336-3600.

So if anyone reading this has connections or otherwise can find this guy and
get him in contact with NRWF legal, you’ve got your marching orders.