How long are we going to let the Democrats keep 60 Senate votes?

Fox News reports this evening that the Senate broke a three-month Republican hold over the nominee for the Labor Department solicitor:

The Senate has voted to move forward with the nomination of New York’s state labor commissioner for the No. 3 post at the Labor Department despite GOP complaints about her qualifications. The 60-32 vote on Monday allows lawmakers to begin debate on the confirmation of Patricia Smith to become solicitor of the agency. Republicans have held up a vote on Smith for more than three months. They claim she misled lawmakers about her role in creating a New York program that allows labor unions to help uncover wage-and-hour violations. The hold meant 60 votes were needed to move her nomination to a full floor vote.

I was willing to give the Republican Senate leadership a pass on the debt reduction as political theater, but this is allowing the Democrats in the Senate to poke the Republican in the eye and allowing an action that clearly will harm our country. This was a significant vote.

As I recall past stories on Patricia Smith, this program was an egregious effort to intimidate employers from opposing union organizing efforts by inviting complaints that would provoke state investigations against the company, tilting the playing field.

And now this labor partisan is going to be a top official in the department that oversee labor relations, the person in charge of issuing legal opinions for the department (representing the Federal government) – which means an open door to intimidating companies nationwide, especially smaller companies that don’t have the money and legal resources to fight the unlimited resources of the Federal government.

And this motion was passed by 60 votes.

So why are the Republicans laying down on the road without a peep while Democrats run them over instead of demanding that Sen. Brown be seated?

It’s two weeks since his opponent conceded the election. Why hasn’t Sen. Brown been sworn in yet?

When we’ve seen the partisan railroading of the Democratic Senate for this past year, why are the Republicans not derailing this train. They should have been demanding a least a week ago with dramatic effects that the Massachusetts citizens get to be represented by the man they’ve elected – and every day have a another protest in front of cameras until something gets done.

What mischief will the Democrats do next while the window remains open? Do we really want to know. Sen. DeMint, where is your voice?