Breaking news Honduras: Congress overwhelmingly rejects return of Zelaya to presidency [Updated]

Update: Final tally – 111 for, 14 against, 3 did not vote (an 8:1 margin)

This link also has some excerpts from the debate and La Gringa’s tribute. LaGringa needs to be commended for regularly posting from inside Honduras on what has been going on there, which has been especially helpful since our media have either parroted the leftists or supressed stories.

The above link also list other We also need to give particular recognition to Sen. Jim DeMint, who firmly stood up for Honduras, broke the embargo on U.S. leaders visiting Honduras, and pressured our State Department to back off and let the election go forward.


Our media are slow to pick up on this, but La Gringa in Honduras has been closely following the debate and vote on her blog and reports that the motion to reject Zelaya’s reinstatement as President has received a majority. The voting is still going on at the time I am writing this, but right now the “For” vote is prevailing by a 7:1 margin. (“For” means against reinstatement.)

A most heroic action in continuing to stand up against outside pressure, including U.S. spokespersons, demanding or “expecting” Zelaya’s reinstatement. We see soon if the U.S. government decides to retaliate – but the Honduran people are showing their love for freedom and a rejection of tyranny – and we need to stand with them.

Thank you Honduras – your legislatures, and even more those of you who defied threats and intimidations to vote last Sunday!