Discerning between apocalypse and Obama Derangement Syndrome

This started as a comment to dpayton‘s diary titled Obama Derangement Syndrome and expanded to the extent that I thought it better to write my own diary.

As part of the RedState community, we all are to be on the same side in terms of opposing the policies and direction that Obama and the Democratic Congress would take us and instead trying to preserve and expand our individual liberties, building upon conservative principles.

We all see the terrible actions taking place and the destructive effects that each individually will have on our nation.

The challenge here has to do with perception of the larger picture when you step back and try to discern the larger pattern. It’s like looking at a puzzle where some pieces have been put in place and you see other pieces being prepared for placement and you try to figure out what the final image is going to look like.

The problem is that if you wait until nearly all the pieces are in place, then you will face nearly impossible odds of preventing completion. Conversely if you intuit too soon, you risk coming up with the wrong image.

So what it boils down to is at what point we intuit the image and take action accordingly.

And we all have different points when we are willing to take that inductive leap to intuiting the whole and to take a stand and act on that conclusion.

So to dpayton and others who worry (rightly) about ODS, what many RedStaters are telling you is that many of us as we connect the dots (to change metaphors) are intuiting that what we see is a radical effort to change the Rules that have governed our nation’s political process to create a one-party state. And as we increasingly see classic tactics that totalitarians have historically utilized to seize and hold on to power, we more strongly come to the conclusion that a totalitarian goal is behind these tactics.

Now, you recognize, and we all recognize that a certain percentage on the left (those with BDS) had apocalyptic views of the Bush administration ushering in a Fascist state and rather feverishly connecting the dots to come up with that picture. And they were very wrong, as history demonstrated.

And thus you – and all of us – are understandably skittish about repeating the mirror error and doing ODS with Obama. And caution is certainly in order, because credibility of one’s judgment is at stake.

And so I would leave you with two fundamentals differences between the Bush administration and what we see of the Obama administration.

1) We see a monotonic effort by Obama to federalize and central areas of endeavor that historically have been in state or private hands, most notably the government take-over of GM and Chrysler and expansion into the financial industry. And we see their support for Obamacare and Cap-and-Trade, and federal hate laws legislation – and more notably the whole net-neutrality issue coming to the for – what we see is uniformly and effort to expand the scope of the federal government and to increasingly regulate every sphere of individual and corporate behavior.

When this trend is uniform and always in the direction of increasing government power, then the evidence becomes preponderant that the goal is an all-powerful state and curtailing of individual freedom. The end of just a trajectory is the fundamental idea that rights reside in the government, who gives rights to people as they see fit. This is the root upon which all tyranny finds nurture.

The radical alternative that was expounded in our Declaration of Independence, the novus ordo seclorum upon which our nation was birthed was that rights inherently reside in individuals, who give to government those limited powers as are necessary.

And this ancient deception- that rights reside in the government, not in individuals, is a fundamental move off the bedrock foundation upon which our nation and our liberties are protected and a move onto sand.

Although some of Bush’s actions arguably augured increasing governmental powers (such as the Patriot Act) – in the larger picture of the actions of his Administration, these could reasonably be viewed as aberrations from a general pattern of increasing individual and private power. Conversely, in the Obama administration, the pattern is uniformly towards increasing governmental control.

2) The second line of evidence are the statements and writings of the various people who Obama has appointed to positions of power in his administration – and also the statements and writings of his admitted mentors.

And a preponderance of these individuals by their very words have stake out radical positions that involve revolutionary changes in the system of government of our nation and the adoption of a Marxist-type of government and concentration of governmental powers to impose their programs upon the nation. They don’t want to abide by our Constitutional governance.

And it this is what they’ve said and written, we need to take them at their word. Too many times in the past, people have said “no, they really don’t meant that, it’s just posturing” – and then act shocked when these individuals then proceed to do exactly what they said they would.

Let’s not repeat that error in our time.

So when you weight the evidence, you must at least conclude that the danger signs are evident. At what point you will make that jump, that is up to each person’s judgment.

It’s certainly more comfortable to think that the rules are being honored rather than that an effort is underway to change the rules – especially when the rules have been in place for at 140+ years (i.e. the end of the War Between the States).

But seriously consider whether the game is changing – because all our futures and those of our children and generations to come may be at stake.