The Democratic counterattack on health care has begun

I am astonished that given the forces arrayed against us that we have scattered the juggernaut that was ramming Obamacare down out throats and brought to the attention of the American public that there is serious opposition to further government control of our health care system.

However, I am sensing that too many of us are starting to gloat and to prematurely declaring victory from our remarkable defense just as the opposition is wheeling out the big guns and air forces for shock and awe, which should start in just a few hours.

We’ve seen the softening up from a redoubling of the media attacks, trying again to paint our opposition as fringe elements, along with misdirection as to the next point of attack. Even as public option is being bandied about as the “big” issue, the other mandates and government interventions are deliberately slipped in the side door, just as the magician misdirects your attention on the card he is holding up while stacking the deck out of range.

So what do we have ahead: we have Obama’s speech and frenetic activity ahead, which the press is going to magnify into a crushing breakthrough and irresistable momentum, with biased polls and a blanket of commentary as to how the tide is turning. This will be coupled with the unleashing of the AMA and pharmaceutical’s advertising blitz for insisting on reform to complement activities of the AARP and left front groups that have been seeding the ground.

But at this point, the main focus will not be on the American people, but rather on our Republican elected officials in Congress who are desperately holding onto our citadel against all odds.

What we need are Republican leaders in Congress who will say “Nuts!” and stand against the pressures and the seductions to abandon the defenses and find a fig leaf to cover surrender. Trojan horses are being brought forward to the city gates (coops, triggers, mandates, various hidden taxes); appeals to bipartisanship and negotiations with a moving target on the bill provisions until the trap door is sprung. Not to mention the eternal temptation to legislators to DO SOMETHING: pass a law, attact the spotlight to yourself, receive adulation – rather than to say NO, which is never the popular stand to take, as any parent can tell you.

Which means that we can no longer rely on polls and rumblings from the citizenry to carry the day; we need to target our elected officials and remind them continually what is at stake and keep vocalizing the alternative that will be true reform. Remind them that all agreements and promises by Democrats have an expiration date. Remind them that surrender to the Democrats on health not only will buy them no protection in the next election but will embolden the Democrats to use their bully tactics to push through future legislative attrocities such as Cap and Trade and EFCA that will bring America to its knees.

But above, we cannot relax our vigilance. We need to keep kicking and speaking out with the venues that we still have.