Open Thread on Harry Reid (and contest for fun)

A little Friday afternoon diversion after a trying week on the political war front…

BooBooKitten put up a Redhot post earlier today titled Hell on Wheels with the money quote from an article titled Nineteen Minutes in a Car with Harry Reid. She concluded with the following comment:

I would rather ride with Roland D. Lebay in his Plymouth Fury!

which immediately brought this question to mind for BooBooKitchen:

Would you rather ride in a car driven by Ted Kenney after a staff party?

which in turn led to this fill-in-the-blank contest – and you have a choice between two phrases:

I would rather ride with ______________________ than with Harry Reid


I would rather _________ than spend nineteen minutes in a car with Harry Reid .

Please stay within the usual RedState guidelines regarding language, etc. and keep your answers out of the gutter. No prizes, though, just tension relief.