July 4, 2009: The Day When Lady Liberty's Torch is Extinguished? God Forbid!

On July 4, 1776, history records the beginning of the great American experiment, when the leaders of the newly united States in America cast off the yoke of servitude to a despot and proclaimed to the world that we henceforth were to be a free nation – ushering in a New Order of the Ages, as our Great Seal commemorates, that has transformed the entire globe.

Two Hundred and Thirty Three Later, the President of the United States – enabled by his allies in Congress and abroad who remain silent – has now abjured our nation’s oath to Liberty and issued an ultimatum that solemnly declares that by July 4, 2009, the freely-elected government of Honduras must take upon themselves the yoke of servitude to a despotic president whom they have just liberated themselves from, in accord with their Constitution and the unified support of their Congress and Courts.

And behind that ultimatum is the clear, implicit threat that the United States is prepared to impose its will upon the nation of Honduras by force. Whether we send our troops in, or facilitate surrogate armies to invade that nation, the message to the world is that the U.S. has now betrayed its call, changed its allegiance, and now stands on the side of tyranny against the forces of freedom.

The symbolism of this occurring on the 233rd anniversary of our nation’s founding is no coincidence.

Am I recklessly waxing apocalyptic?

I do not believe so: the miners of old brought along a canary to warn them of grave danger, and abandoning their canary to its fate was a foreshadowing of their imminent deaths as well.

Honduras 2009 is that canary – just as Spain in 1936 was the canary whose demise signaled the ascendancy of the Fascist powers and heralded the coming of a life-and-death war for the future of freedom.

While the U.S. escaped the flames of war for a season, soon we became engulfed in that conflict, in which the blood of many of our people was shed once again to once again secure the blessings for liberty of that generation and its posterity.

And the same will sooner or later befall our generation if we stand by while other hands strike down and slay those canaries that sings of freedom and deliverance from oppression. We may escape the judgment of history for a season if we close our eyes as other peoples and nations fall before us – but our time will come when the boots of tyranny hit our soil again, if we do not take a stand in this hour of need to defend Liberty’s children, our siblings.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, enough with the rhetoric – what action can we take?

Since our President and our Secretary of State have deserted their posts and joined with the forces arrayed against Honduras – and since our Democratic leaders in Congress abet the President with their silence, then it falls to a delegation of our Republican leadership and prominent conservatives and lovers of Freedom to put their bodies on the line.

By that I mean that we assemble a force of Congressional Republicans and other lovers of liberty who will go to Honduras and publicly affirm their solidarity with that government by their presence, proclaiming that an attack on Honduras also will be an attack on American patriots.

Two key interlocking elements: 1) leaders and others to be that physical presence; 2) visibility before the world, which in this day and age means media coverage.

And what do I propose we call this group of witnesses: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

Yes, let’s poke a good, sharp stick in the eyes of our leftist totalitarians as after 72 years of usurpation, we reclaim the name of Lincoln for the cause of freedom,- to defend even as he declared 145 years ago a government of the people, by the people, for the people – that it not perish from the earth

Folks, words and columns won’t do – we need Image and Theater to capture the attention of the American people and break through the conspiracy of silence that has shrouded this event to date and prevented the voice of the Honduran people protecting their freedom from being heard.

We need to mobilize and contact our Republican and Conservative leaders: time is desperately short.