Open letter to Dave Letterman from an aggrieved parent of teenagers

(What follows is the publishable portion of my letter…)

Mr. Letterman, you sure thought you were being slick Wednesday night by trying to redirect your vile attacks from Willow Palin to her older sister Bristol. But you know what, you only dug your hole deeper by revealing even more clearly your twisted heart and perverted mind.

So you now would claim to draw the line at age 14. Regardless, what makes your behavior any more acceptable because the object of your pornographic imagination is age 18. You think it’s okay to joke about rape but not statutory rape?

Once a woman turns 18, do you find it perfectly acceptable that if she has sex that means that she is a slut and that any male has the right to f*ck her? Or do you simply have an obsessive hatred of Bristol?

I have a 19-old daughter, not much older than Bristol. My daughter as been well-behaved, but if she had gotten in the family way before marriage and kept the baby, I would be furious if you on national TV talked about your fantasy of her getting assaulted in front of me at a baseball game by a ballplayer, and the next night you called her a slut.

As would any other parent of an an 18 year-old daughter – and those who have daughters who were 18 at one time – and those who have children who someday will be 18 – and those who think that 18 year old girls don’t deserve this treatment. Are you starting to get the picture as to how many people you have rightly offended?

You also had the effrontery to invite Gov. Palin to come on your show but didn’t have the guts to invite her husband Todd. Sarah has declined your invitation, but if I were in her shoes, I would have taken you up on your offer – so that I could serve you in front of the world with a restraining order protecting me and my children.

Well Dave, I don’t know if anything I’ve written here would register with you: misogynists just never seem to get it. But now you face the court of public opinion, whose verdict is being pronounced. And some day in the future, you will face a higher court and have to give answer to a higher authority not of this world. What then will you say on that day?

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