Please help out and contact California Republican legislators today

News reports are that the California legislature will be called into session again today to pass a compendium of tax increases that will further cripple the California economy, plus some modest spending cuts to put lipstick on the pig.

Apparently the leadership (both parties) are only one Republican vote in the Senate from passing this.

The fig leaf is that the tax increases will only last two years instead of five years if voters reject a spending cap initiative in a special May election. The talking point of the Republicans promoting this is that the prospect of three more years of taxes will tempt the Democrats, unions, interest groups, and media from opposing that initiative.

This is nonsense: this is simply the road to political suicide for the Republicans.

Please contact California Republican legislators to demand that they stand fast. I will try to refine this with the list of “wobblies” when I can contact Rep. DeVore’s office or someone else in the know. Any help with names will be appreciated by other so that we can focus our energies.

Below is my list of bullet points:



Current plan will not achieve Republican goals:

  • Democrats, unions, interest groups and media will blame Republicans regardless of budget vote
  • Democrats, unions, interest groups and media will shoot down any spending cap measure that is put on the ballot
  • Democrats, unions, interest groups and media will put an initiative on ballot in 2010 primary to eliminate 2/3rds requirement for budget as surely as the sun rises in the east, regardless of budget vote
  • Republican legislators will be irrelevant in forming budgets thereafter
  • Governor’s veto power will be only hope of fiscal discipline
  • If Democrat wins governor’s race, then we face one-party rule
  • Two-year sunset on taxes is a fig leaf, because the new regime will simply pass new taxes to replace the expiring taxes – plus rest of liberal agenda
    • If Republicans, allow this budget plan to pass:

    • Republican base will be enraged and/or disheartened
    • This anger will be focused on those who broke ranks in 2010 primaries
    • Opposition to 2/3rds amendment therefore will be seriously weakened by distracting primary conflicts, making passage almost certain
      • If Republicans stand fast:

      • Republican base will be energized
      • Republicans will present unified and energetic opposition to 2/3rds amendment