This is parody, but the spirit being mocked is very real and very evil

Glenn Beck has composed this new National Anthem for an Obama presidency.

It’s all too easy to laugh and go on, not recognizing how close the historic evil that is being ridiculed here (Cult of Personality) is to resurrection, with the associated horrors that we have seen with past utopias that soon degenerate into tyranny.

All hail the Messiah,
Obama, Obama,
The path to the new Socialist Motherland,
Our Savior, our Savior,
Obama, Obama,
The leader more famous than Lindsay Lohan.
Bow down and praise the One;
Give him your money and your guns;
Give us a country
That makes your wife proud;
Lord Barry, heal the bitter ones,
White and clinging to faith and to guns,
Hope for the change of the hope of the change!

Glenn really does an outstanding effort here with his allusions, though I think the following would make a better sixth line: The leader more famous than Jesus Himself; and the twelth line would scan better if modified to White and clinging to their faith and guns.

But the music, that takes us to a whole other realm.

In case you don’t recognize the music, this was the anthem of the Soviet Union (which ominously Russia has adopted for its national anthem).

The Soviet anthem actually had two versions (and Russia has created a thrid version with more nationalistic words). For those interested, here is the link to the text of both Soviet versions, in Russian and in English.

Glenn’s parody comes closer to the spirit of the first (1944) version, which contains specific praise to Lenin and Stalin. (The 1977 version removed the reference to Stalin).

When I went to YouTube for performances of the Soviet Anthem, I found a number of Red Square parades featuring a rendition of this anthem. Watching the videos as I listened to the massed soldiers sing the anthem reminded me of this face of evil as exemplified in Communism and expressed in the Soviet state, and evoked feeling the massive and seductive power of this evil which put our nation in such great peril – an evil that cost much blood and treasure to subdue.

Follow links to Red Square 1945; RedSquare 1984; Paul Robeson English recording with Stalin clips

Perhaps we all need the visceral reminder contained in these films. (Or to understand perhaps for the first time what this conflict is all about if you are too young to remember the USSR in the height of its power.)

The anthem’s composer certainly knew how to compose a very stirring anthem.

It’s also clear from these videos and others like them that there are quite a few who await the rise again of the Soviet Union.

If you want even more frightening, compare with today’s Russia, Red Square 2007. (This YouTube page also contains the lyrics, which are interesting to compare how closely they track with the Soviet lyrics.)

But heck, if the Soviet anthem was good enough for Russia, why not adapt it again for the America’s New Deal socialist utopia under our Great Leader Barack. I mean, how can an English drinking song and remembrance of our heroic fighting efforts to create an enduring freedom for the ages compete with the One?

A great evil has been loosed again upon the earth…Lord spare us and our nation.

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