Fellow Redstaters, please help refine McCains' campaign themes

I’m on vacation and am borrowing a computer for this diary. I don’t know if the e-mail excerpted below got to McCain’s campaign, but listening to Susah Palin last night, especially her closing statement (I missed her opening), I did hear some of what I suggested, including her defense of American Exceptionaism and her mention of Obama leading to a sunset of American freedom.

On Tuesday, we need for John to clearly idenfy the conherent theme behind his policy, to convey his vision for America and how this differs from Obama. Metaphor is key.

What is needed now is to refine the following thoughts and get them to the McCain campaign.

Obama’s “hope and change” is truly “defeat and despair”. Only by tearing down America can he effect his revolution.

But this phrase “hope and change” is a powerful drug. We need something comparable as an antidote.

One start would be to use this as a stump line:

When my opponent speaks of “hope and change” what he is really promising is “defeat and despair”

McCain must understand that is not facing a liberal colleague – a Ted Kennedy liberal or a Hillary Clinton liberal. Misguided as these two are in certain political positions, they and their ilk at least still believe in America and it’s positive role in the world. They lean excessively towards government intervention, but their intent is to reform our system, not overthrow it. They can be reasoned with, negotiated with. If we lose today, there is still another.

Rather, in Obama, he is facing a true radical, an enemy to American values and role in history, even an enemy to America itself.

Only if McCain recognizes the depth of the enemy forces that he faces can he combat them effectively and prevail, as we must.

We’re talking fundamental difference, two diametrically opposite and incompatible world views.

We’re talking the historical conflict between freedom and totalitarianism, as reflected in American Exceptionalism vs. post-Americanism.

But those terms are too abstract. Here’s something more earthy that is closer to the kind of narrative that McCain needs, just a Reagan was a master of narrative:

It’s back to what Ben Franklin said at the end of the Constitutional Convention – regarding a painting that hung in the room:

He said he’d wondered whether it was portraying a rising sun or a setting sun – but now he was convinced it was a rising sun.

Obama believes the sun is setting on America. McCain believes the sun is still rising.

(An echo of Reagan’s good morning America.)

McCain still believes in the American dream, the goodness of our nation and people, the strength of our system of government. This confidence and conviction is what McCain must exude from every pore. Americans do favor optimism and belief in themselves – but they need a leader who blow on the coals of defeatism and once again make us believe in ourselves again.

Sarah Palin has this ability, which is why she has been so attacked, because the Obama campaign CANNOT allow her infectious joy and love for American expose their change and hope for what it truly is: defeat and despair.

But she cannot carry the ball by herself: John McCain needs to exude this joy too. And when he is with her, everyone can see how she infects him. He’s a different person. But he needs to be able to maintain this genuine hope and confidence throughout.

Obama believes American has failed, our free enterprise system and individual initiative has broken irreparably and must be replaced by government regulation and direct management to change human behavior and achieve a secular utopian.

He said as much at the beginning of the debate and was not refuted. McCain failed to call him out on it.

History shows that this is the gateway drug to totalitarianism and hell on earth.

The fact that history has proven the bankrupcy of government control does not dissuade it’s true believers. It only redoubles their effort.

Obama from early childhood has been inculcated in this faith and mentored throughout his life, up to the present, by people who believe and practice this.

This fundamental different must be emphasized and exposed continuously; Obama is trying to hide his totalitarian convictions behind glib rhetoric and obfuscation of his positions.

And in his campaign operations, his use of brownshirt street mobilization to drown out opponents (straight from the Alinsky and Facist playbook), to theatening media with legal action and governmental retaliation, to his actually in Missouri having law enforcement officials threaten prosecution of protected political speech, we see the end of democracy.

Obama cannot tolerate dissent; he only knows silencing his opposition by force.

Should Obama come to power, he will have the full forces of the Executive (including the DOJ and Federal prosectors) and a pliant Congress to crush dissent. We’re talking the gateway to full-blown dictatorship here, once the 1st Amendment freedom of speech is legislated and prosecuted into extinction.

These are the stakes. And John McCain needs to understand this, the urgency of defeating Obama.