With Sarah Palin, It's all about JOY - Message to the McCain campaign

It’s urgently time to remember what it was that swept America off their feet when they first met Sarah.

And what above everything was that great attraction: it is Sarah’s infectious JOY that just gushes out of her everywhere she goes.

This is what distinguishes here from almost every other politician today, and what so deeply touched the heart of America and draws people.

That and her endearing feistiness that enabled her to put down the old-boy network in Alaska with a smile.

Unfortunately, the intense, unprecedented hatred and calumny that she evoked has produced a spirit of fear in the McCain team – and their infecting her with a terror of making mistakes is the classic recipe for disaster, making her tight and causing her to question her competence and ability, eating away at her self confidence.

We’re seeing the signs of impending collapse – this needs to change now or we will have destroyed a key player for this election and for to our party’s future.

In the McCain in the end has to make the sale; he’s the candidate for President.

However, Sarah has been given an incredible opportunity in this campaign, one that is almost unique in the annals of presidential politics.

Specifically, what Sarah’s calling in this campaign is and will be is to open up hearts of American to give McCain a fair listen, which they weren’t open to before Sarah came on the scene. She can turn the hearts of people who otherwise would never have considered voting for a Republican, for someone like John McCain, and gain him an audience.

This is the jewel you got with her; that’s what you got to go with.

And to do that, you have to let her be her own maverick – and that means that she isn’t always going to echo McCain – indeed for her to be on a tight leash would be false to Sarah’s character.

And what will destroy Sarah in the eyes of the American people will be if they perceive her as false.

And destroy her not just this election, but forever. And that is a loss that our nation – and our party – cannot afford.