Just another minor but telling example of deliberate media bias

Glanced over at CNN, and their lead story on their home page, complete with photo of Barack Obama, was as follows:

Obama: Being American is blessing, responsibility

America became a great country because of its people, Sen. Barack Obama said Thursday night at a Time-sponsored forum on national service. “It is a great blessing that we’ve received,” he said. “It is also a responsibility … in a sense that we are committed to something larger than ourselves.” That is expressed through voluntary associations and public service, he said.

Seems rather innocuous at first sight, until…

But when you follow the link to the main, you discover BOTH candidates were at this forum. But from reading this lede, you would never have the slightest clue that John McCain was at this event, as his name does not appear.

So thus we have selective editing: a photo and long quotation by Obama on the “front page” for people browsing, and McCain has been “airbrushed” from the event. Only those who decide to read the whole story discover he was there too.

Now the story itself is well-balanced (for once), with the story giving both candidates equal space as to what they said. McCain goes first, which is a slight “advantage”.

However, the person in charge of the headline clearly has a concept of reporting that is closer to Stalinist Russia than the U.S. Or perhaps they believe they are employees of the Obama campaign’s public relations department. Or perhaps they are?